Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology degree

Ranked the No.1 Sports Management Masters in the world by the independent Eduniversal rankings, The AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology degree is a unique 15-month international postgraduate program in sport management.

Endorsed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the program is located in Lausanne, Switzerland – The Olympic Capital – home to the IOC, over 50+ international sporting federations, and FIFA and UEFA are just a short distance away. By studying at AISTS you are truly immersed in the global world of sport.

The AISTS degree is co-signed by some of the best academic and technology institutes in Switzerland.


“As the sport industry grows increasingly larger and more complex, it requires the skills and acumen of a growing number of experts trained in all aspects of sport management, including human, life and engineering sciences.

“The not-for-profit AISTS was established by the IOC and other respected organisations and academic institutions to respond directly to this need.

“AISTS routinely produces highly-trained graduates, many of whom have gone on to play leading roles in the world of sport, and offers leading expertise and technical services to a wide range of key players inside and outside the Olympic Movement,”

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee.

The AISTS MAS includes:

  • 9 months of teaching (lectures, case studies, activities, seminars and field trips), including exams and assignments (academic year from the end of September until the end of June)
  • 7.5 months on the Team Project (from November to June)
  • 10 months on the Research Paper (from November to August)
  • A minimum of 2 months of work experience in the sports industry (between July and December)

What makes the AISTS degree unique?

  • The strong connection with the Olympic Movement
  • The location of Lausanne, as Olympic Capital
  • The academic weight of having three prestigious universities co-sign the degree
  • The multi-disciplinary approach provides individuals with a 360 view of sport management
  • The rich network of over 100+ lecturers and speakers

What is the focus of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Program?

Held in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, participants are trained by experts in sport and academics, in the following multidisciplinary fields applied directly to sport:

  • Management & Economics
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Medicine

Our program includes 9 months in the classroom (lectures, case studies, activities and field trips), 2 months of work experience in the sport industry, with the rest of the time spent on a client team project and research paper.

Applications for the 2022 edition, starting in September 2021, is closed. Please contact after the deadline.

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Find out if you're eligible for the AISTS program!

Find out if you're eligible for the AISTS program!