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The AISTS is in a unique position to conduct multidisciplinary research and consulting projects on key topics relevant for (international) sport organisations and various stakeholders, thanks to its founding base composed of five of the leading universities in Switzerland as well as the International Olympic Committee, co-founder of AISTS.

The AISTS answers to a variety of needs with adapted solutions tailored to various budgets and scopes for small to large organisations in any sector (sport organisations, educational institutions, sport industry, public authorities, agencies (events, marketing etc):

Economic impact Studies 

The Economic Impact Studies quantitatively estimate the economic benefits a particular project or industry brings or could bring to a surrounding community or region. These studies estimate the net injection of revenues and expenditures in the considered region and its multipliers effects on the economy and on employment.

“Our methodology and the expert calculations are supervised by Professor Stéphane Garelli (IMD and University of Lausanne) and Professor Jean-Jacques Dethier (University of Berkeley, California and the University of Bonn), two world-renowned experts in macro-economics,” explains Dr. Claude Stricker, AISTS executive director.

The study is authored by Dr. Stricker and Dr. Giovanni-Battista Derchi, AISTS scientific advisor and assistant professor at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland).

Client Team Projects 

The annual AISTS Client Team Projects provide clients with a high-quality, practical, and trustworthy resource to complete research projects for their organisation. For eight months, groups of 3 – 5 AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Management & Technology Programme participants work with you to tackle a real-life topic, and offer practical solutions to your brief.

Consulting project assignments (AISTS Client Team Projects) are executed over a period of several months by teams of the AISTS Sport Management & Technology in MAS programme participants supported by an AISTS faculty member.

The Client Team Projects cover a wide range of subjects, from marketing, communications, digital media, business strategy, development, event management, sustainability, technology, economic impacts, spectator experience and more. Each project is supervised by an AISTS faculty. The Teams meet regularly with the client’s organisation.

Benefits for Clients 

The goal of AISTS Client Team Projects is to provide a low cost, high-quality project resource to sport organisations by proposing new ideas and feasible, practical solutions.

Project Fee 

The project fee is set at CHF 8’000 which covers 3-5 MAS Participants working across a period of eight months. We work with you to create a team that mixes the right skills, interests, and experience.


November to May: On-going work on projects occurs throughout the seven months. The participants are responsible for staying in contact with their clients. Regular meetings with AISTS supervisors will be scheduled to follow up on the development of the project with the final delivery of the written report due in May, along with the team presentation.

Final report: The final written report is a 20-40 page document (excluding appendices) written in English. It is a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations for the client.

Oral presentation: Each group will present its report orally to the Client and the AISTS Master in Sport Management & Technology Scientific Committee. The presentation will be open to the public unless specified by the client.

Digital Technology and Innovation Project (DITP) 

The Digital Technology and Innovation Project (DITP) aims at putting your skills and knowledge acquired in the TEC300 and TEC400 courses into practice.

Objectives of the project:  

  • Firstly, starting from the latest developments of digital technologies, explore, conceive and design new technical solutions for a given problem or application.
  • Secondly, identify market opportunities and devise a business model to make your application sustainable

The DITP will run for approximately 3.5 months in parallel to the Digital Technologies for Sport  course, and Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship for Sport course among others. The deliverables will consist of an oral presentation and a written report to be submitted and defended in front of a jury.

Main Learning Objectives 

  • To identify the different challenges related to the development of a technology product
  • To understand which steps and which actors are needed to progress from the idea to the product
  • To synthesise and present a work linking all aspects, occupations and challenges related to a sport product development
  • To turn an idea into a viable business product 

Course leaders 

Prof. David Atienza, EPFL  
Dr. Perre-Etienne Bourban, EPFL 

Equipment homologation and certification 

The AISTS provides complete support to sports federations for the development, management and implementation of new or existing homologation processes: developing testing methodology and testing devices for approval processes (including legal aspects), according to international standards and norms (ISO, ENs) when applicable, or through the introduction of new rules and regulations.

We work closely with various federations, FEI, FINA, FIVB, ICF, ISU, UCI, WA to name a few, to ensure equipment safety and to allow for an equal playing field in each sporting dicipline. The goal is to assist in avoiding technical advantages for competition attire, individual and infrastructure equipment, protective gear, etc.