Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consulting Project Assignment

MAS Client Team Projects

The annual AISTS Client Team Projects provide clients with a high-quality, practical, and trustworthy resource to complete research projects for their organisation. For eight months, groups of 3 – 5 AISTS Sport Management Programme participants work with you to tackle a real-life topic, and offer practical solutions to your brief.

Consulting project assignment (AISTS Client Team Projects) are executed over a period of several months by teams of the AISTS Sport Management Master programme participants supported by an AISTS faculty member.

The Client Team Projects cover a wide range of subjects, from marketing, communications, digital media, business strategy, development, event management, sustainability, technology, economic impacts, spectator experience and more. Each project is supervised by an AISTS faculty. The Teams meet regularly with the client’s organisation.


The goal of AISTS Client Team Projects is to provide a low cost, high-quality project resource to sport organisations by proposing new ideas and feasible, practical solutions.


The project fee is set at CHF 6’000 which covers 3-5 MAS Participants working across a period of eight months. We work with you to create a team that mixes the right skills, interests, and experience.


November to May: On-going work on projects occurs throughout the seven months. The participants are responsible for staying in contact with their clients. Regular meetings with AISTS supervisors will be scheduled to follow up on the development of the project with the final delivery of the written report due in May, along with the team presentation.

Final report: The final written report is a 20-40 page document (excluding appendices) written in English. It is a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations for the client.

Oral presentation: Each group will present its report orally to the Client and the AISTS Master in Sport Management & Technology Scientific Committee. The presentation will be open to the public unless specified by the client.


The MAS 2022 Client Team Project presentations are scheduled to take place in June 2022.


The tender is open until 31 August 2022. Subsequently, the teams will be assigned to the projects and the briefings will be completed by the end of October.
If you are interested in a service, please contact the AISTS Head of Education Cedric Vanden Bogaerde. to set up an initial call. Kindly note slots are limited and fill up fast, so contact us early to benefit from a client team project for the 2021/2022 academic year.  


Through the team projects, we have worked with organising committees, federations, associations, suppliers and many more. Examples of past clients and projects include:

  • International Organising Committee (IOC) – Analysis of the current impact of Athletes’ Commissions on NOC and IF decision-making
  • International Basketball Federation (FIBA) – Enhancing the FIBA Spectator Experience
  • International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB) – Framing the FIVB’s development standards 
  • Populous – The economic, social and political effects of stadium development in Europe
  • International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) – Global Governance of Trail Running

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An interesting article is also this one, about a team project that led to the development of an entirely new department at World Taekwondo.


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The evaluation of the team project is done by members of the AISTS MAS in Sport Management & Technology Scientific Committee on the basis of the written report, the oral presentation and the feedback from the client (i.e. customer satisfaction).


Please contact the AISTS office for more information on the cost, scope and feasibility of potential projects: