AISTS x Global Sports webinar – Navigating Sustainability: Insights from Sports Events Experts

Implementing Sustainability is no longer optional. What matters is how you do it.

General description

In light of the recent global supply chain and energy crises, coupled with increasing geopolitical instability, the strategic importance of sustainable business models for all organisations has been reinforced. Social challenges like climate change, energy, security, equality, and inclusion have fostered increased awareness on environmental and social issues, gaining relevance for businesses and stakeholders worldwide. As a result, we observe Sport Events organisations declaring and showing increased commitment towards social responsibility goals.

Renowned experts in Sport Sustainability will draw on their extensive experience to share insights into the best practices observed when implementing Sustainability within their organisations and elsewhere. With Alexandra Rickham, Head of Sustainability at World Sailing, the governing authority for sailing worldwide, and Martin Grimont, Sustainability Project Manager at Paris 2024, attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of sustainable practices within the sports industry.

Giovanni Battista Derchi, Assistant Professor at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Scientific Advisor at the AISTS, will moderate the discussion.

This webinar is designed for:

Join our Sports Sustainability webinar to gain insights into the implementation of sustainability in the context of Sport Events. Discover how these practices are shaping the future of Sport Events and organisations worldwide.

Webinar Speakers

Martin Grimont


Martin Grimont is a seasoned Sustainability Project Manager with extensive experience in implementing sustainable practices within sports organisations. Currently serving as the Sustainability Operational Integration Project Manager at Paris 2024 – Organising Committee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Martin is instrumental in driving initiatives related to sustainable management systems, sourcing, and carbon impact management. With a background in project management and a keen interest in environmental Sustainability, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His dedication to promoting sustainable practices in the sports industry has made him a valuable asset in shaping the future of sports events and organisations worldwide. Martin has completed AISTS MAS programme in Sport Management and Technology in 2019.

Alexandra Rickham

Alexandra Rickham

Double Paralympic medallist, Alexandra Rickham has joined World Sailing in 2022. She has been working in Sustainability in the Sport sector as a consultant since retiring from full time competition in 2017. She combines her academic knowledge and insight with her practical experience in competitive sport and environmental operations to focus both on changing the sports industry and its practices, and on utilising sport’s platform to inspire change. Alexandra is very passionate about diversity and inclusion and ensuring the athlete’s voice is heard on Sustainability. She regularly participates on panels, podcasts and other speaking opportunities on these subjects. In 2023, Alexandra participated as a speaker in the Managing Sport Sustainability (MSS) Programme. During a captivating session, she shared her expertise and insights on sustainability practices at World Sailing.

Giovanni Battista Derchi

Giovanni Battista Derchi

Giovanni Battista Derchi, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Management Control at EHL. He obtained a PhD in Management focused in managerial accounting and corporate Sustainability from HEC Lausanne. Dr Derchi is a Scientific Advisor and member of the Scientific Committee of the AISTS. He is also the course leader of the Managing Sport Sustainability (MSS) Short Programme.

Additionally, Dr Derchi is a visiting lecturer of advanced management accounting and strategic control at HEC Lausanne and SDA Bocconi School of Management. His research interests are in the field of performance evaluation, incentives and compensation systems, governance, measurement and reporting of corporate social and environmental performance, planning and budgeting systems.

More specifically, he seeks to understand whether, how, and the extent to which organisations design effective management practices to implement Sustainability strategies. His academic studies evolve around three main themes:

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