Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!



ClientCAA Eleven 
Project: Benchmark of New Tools and Key Performance Indicators to Measure Sponsorship Performance and Return on Investment

CAA Eleven is UEFA’s exclusive agent responsible for selling, managing and servicing all the commercial rights to UEFA’s national team competitions. In the changing economic climate and the increasing emergence of alternative promotion platforms, CAA Eleven is looking to identify and understand new tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure sponsorship performance and return on investment (ROI). The project involves identifying the rationale behind an investment in sponsorship versus other promotional tools, defining the average sponsorship package and identifying possible new KPIs to measure sponsorship performance and ROI in the future. Watch here.

ClientGreen Sport Alliance
Project: Launch of Green Sports Alliance Europe

As the need for global sustainability initiatives increases, Green Sports Alliance looks to extend its operations to Europe by establishing a permanent presence. In order to do so, current European conditions will be analysed and compared to GSA’s American practices. These will then be adapted to best fit the respective environments. This project aims to support the launch of GSA Europe by incorporating strategic mapping of European venues, evaluating best practices, and providing case studies.” Watch here.

Client: FIAS
Project: Create a world tour for combat Sambo to increase revenue for FIAS

The primary objective of this project is to improve the exposure for the sport, athletes and competitions and thereby increasing FIAS’s revenue through improving the current competition format, including the possibility of adding a new competition to the current competition calendar. 

Deliverables include an analysis of similar world tours and the proposal of a world tour event for Combat Sambo to increase revenue. The project will research whether Sambo should introduce a professional or amateur tour and produce guidelines on how the tour could be implemented and promoted. The project will outline an internal ranking system within the tour and how add-on licencing could generate revenue from the athletes competing. Watch here.

Project: Fan’s preferred content on FIBA’s social media platforms 

In a continuously growing digital environment, FIBA is looking to maintain and increase customer satisfaction on their digital platforms. With this project, FIBA’s goal is to identify the preferred content of basketball fans who are linked to FIBA through one of their digital platforms. One of the project’s objectives is to analyse and provide insight on the best practices through benchmark and competitive analysis. The project team will then focus on collecting and analysing primary data through FIBA’s digital platforms. 

Project: Assessment of good practice and future visions to foster diversity and anti-discrimination at football associations

In November 2015, FIFA delivered a Good Practice Guide on diversity and anti-discrimination for its member associations. The FIFA Good Practice Guide is part of a strategic approach based on five main pillars, including Regulation, Controls and Sanctions, Education, Communications, Networking and Cooperation. FIFA would like to further this initiative by understanding the best practices in this area. The project team will support the research and evaluate innovations/practices that foster diversity and anti-discrimination in sport and football, specifically. Watch here.

Project: National TV Sports Coverage.

This project aims to optimise the FIVB volleyball calendar regarding TV reach and in effect, engage more people and attract potential sponsors. Touching upon multiple FIVB strategic goals, primarily goals 3 (“increase the cumulative TV audience by 100% in 2020”) and 7 (“make available a TV or internet feed for FIVB key events to all 221 National Federations”),  this project will seek to bring greater clarification to the Global TV Sports Consumption Market. The team will focus on formulating a ‘global’ picture through the analysis of 12 national TV markets, which will allow the FIVB to position its events in order to increase the visibility and interest of its sport.

Project: Understanding how indoor climbing gyms are managed

While working on its inclusion to the Olympic Games program, the IFSC also wishes to position itself in the untapped indoor sport climbing leisure industry. The project entails mapping of indoor climbing centres located within specific developed and developing countries identified by the IFSC. The further desired outcome is to produce information regarding the sport climbing market in the targeted countries for the IFSC, in order to have insights on a potential future network for new IFSC services. Watch here.

Project: Mapping and Understanding Potential Clients

Technis is a Startup Company in work to create smart tennis courts. In creating the finalized product, Technis has first developed a training pad that allows users to test the full technology and its features. In the spirit of innovation and of continuously enhancing their services, this project will gather research data on prospective clients as well as the demand for Technis in correlation to the training pads. Moreover, this project will provide strategic insights aimed at potential tennis clubs within Switzerland. Watch here.

Project: UIAA Governance Framework Review

The objective of the project is to assist the UIAA in aligning their governance model with the Universal Governance Guidelines of the International Olympic Committee. The UIAA is striving to have an encompassing governance model and they have identified 11 key areas of governance which are missing from their present set of documented regulations, including Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics and Fairness and Fairplay. Watch here.

Project: Analysis of market best practices for event revenue generated through ticketing and onsite merchandise sale

Analysis of market best practices for event revenue generated through ticketing and onsite merchandise sale to be considered by UIPM for implementation at World Championships and/or World Cups. The project objective is to compare UIPM event commercial processes and performance metrics to best practices from other sporting events. This should then allow UIPM to develop plans on how to make improvements or adapt specific best practices in the commercialisation of their events. Watch here.