Martim Ramoa, AISTS MAS Class 2021


MAS2021 | Ep09 | Martim Ramoa

As for many people in the world, the sport has been part of my life since I was very young: not only practising it at school or at the swimming pool, but also in every family and friend gathering. The excitement of watching and cheering your team playing are the feelings and memories that will last in our memory forever.

Martim Ramoa at the London 2012 Olympic Park
At the London 2012 Olympic Park

I was born and raised in a small town in the south of Portugal, Beja, where I studied and was part of the swimming club and music school.

Later, I was able to ally my skills and passion for sport by joining the IOC Young Leaders program. This led me to be part of the Portuguese mission at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and allowed me to deliver a project that promoted and encouraged sport habits amongst diabetic children.

Martim Ramoa at Rio 2016 supporting team Portugal
At Rio 2016 supporting Team Portugal
Martim Ramoa with the Portuguese Secretary of State and young Athletes at Buenos Aires 2018
With the Portuguese Secretary of State and young Athletes at Buenos Aires 2018
Martim Ramoa with Australian Olympian Grant Nel
With Australian Olympian Grant Nel

Coming to AISTS was a natural step after my experience in the marketing department of the National Olympic Committee of Portugal. I knew this was the right place to prepare for my future international career, my knowledge and my network in the sport community.

In times of uncertainty and disruption, both qualification and resilience are extremely important: that is what AISTS is equipping us with.

*Credits for the Humans of AISTS go to Aditya and Gabor for coordination and photography!

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