How Joining AISTS will Elevate your Career in Sport Management

The AISTS is an academic centre of excellence for education and applied research in Sport located in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital hosting more than 50 international Sports federations. The AISTS was founded by eight renowned institutions, including the IOC, the City of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud, and globally prestigious academic entities such as EPFL, EHL, IMD, UNIGE and UNIL. Whether aspiring to launch a career in Sport Management or aiming for academic advancement, AISTS provides unparalleled opportunities for individuals passionate about the Sport industry.

Since its inception, AISTS has played a pivotal role in the Sports industry, providing consulting services and conducting research. Additionally, it holds a prominent position in talent development through its Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Sport Management & Technology, ranked as the global No.1 Master in Sports Management by Eduniversal since 2015.

Aerial view of the AISTS facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland.
AISTS Facilities in Lausanne, Switzerland

What makes AISTS the best Master in Sport Management?

The MAS in Sport Management & Technology is a 15-month programme designed to train future leaders in the Sport industry. Through a multidisciplinary approach, participants gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to excel in various aspects of the Sport industry. This approach encompasses Management, Technology, Law, Sociology, and Medicine, all integrated within the context of Sport.

The programme attracts each year a diverse cohort representing over 25 nationalities annually. Endorsed by the IOC, the MAS integrates academic rigour with practical experiences, distinguishing itself in three key areas:

1. Academic Quality

AISTS benefits from founding members among the world-leading educational institutions such as EPFL, UNIL, UNIGE, EHL, and IMD. The MAS Programme leverages its academic network to provide participants with direct access to top-tier professors from Europe and beyond.

Speakers from the field include directors and project leaders from various world Sports organisations, international Sports federations, Sports companies, Sports event organisers, governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organisations. Many case studies, field studies, and leisure activities complement lectures, taking advantage of Lausanne’s status as the Olympic capital and its wide range of Sports, leisure, and cultural activities.

The curriculum undergoes constant revisions to provide the most current and relevant skills and knowledge required to tackle the current and future challenges of the Sport industry.

Presentation of FISU activities and Sport events by their representatives
Presentation of FISU activities and Sport events by their representatives

2. Real Sport

In this unique industry, nothing replaces learning by doing! Sport is an applied topic. The AISTS MAS curriculum integrates professional experiences, allowing participants to work on current challenges identified by thought-leaders and Sports organisations.

  • Client Team Project (CTP):
    The CTP provides clients from the Sport industry with a high-quality resource to complete research projects for their organisation. For eight months, groups of 4-5 participants from the MAS Programme work with clients to tackle real-life topics and offer practical solutions to clients’ briefs. The CTP covers a wide range of subjects, including marketing, communications, business strategy, event management, sustainability, technology, and spectator experience.
  • Workshops:
    Participants attend several full-day workshops throughout the programme to gain practical experience. Sport organisations and federations themselves deliver the sessions, offering a unique hands-on experience. Those Workshops also provide an ideal opportunity to connect with AISTS alumni and experts working in the industry.
  • Volunteering:
    The AISTS provides participants with the opportunity to volunteer in the many sporting events taking place in the Lausanne region. This not only provides practical experience but also expands participants’ networks.
  • Work experience:
    AISTS integrates professional experience into the MAS curriculum. To complete the AISTS MAS Programme, participants must complete at least 8 weeks of full-time work experience in Sport Management and related areas.

This approach provides powerful and actionable knowledge, enabling participants to have a legitimate and concrete impact in their field.

Regular guest speakers, including prominent figures like Christophe de Kepper, Director General of the IOC, further enrich the learning experience. The Programme also offers immersive visits to renowned institutions such as the IOC, FEI, FIBA, FIFA, UCI, UEFA and OMEGA.

Real Sport is a key aspect that will help you elevate your career in Sport Management
AISTS MAS participants secured 2nd place at the Sport Innovation Challenge 2024 organised by ThinkSport

3. The Outcome of the Programme: Career Acceleration

Networking opportunities:

The MAS Programme is based in Lausanne – The Olympic Capital – home to the IOC and over 50 international sporting federations. This location provides outstanding opportunities to meet and exchange with key figures in the Sport industry. AISTS actively fosters career acceleration by facilitating networking opportunities with influential figures, including its extensive network of over 700 alumni pursuing a career in Sport Management. Meet-and-greets with AISTS alumni, site visits, guest speaker presentations, and informal local life interactions enable participants to expand their network in Sport, bringing them closer to their next professional endeavour. These experiences ensure that graduates are well-prepared to excel in the Sport industry.

Career Development in Sport Management:

The MAS includes a module focused on Career and Leadership, designed to prepare participants as Sport leaders to succeed in their careers. MAS participants, as well as alumni, benefit from direct access to AISTS Leadership and Career Development Manager, Céline Beaurain. Céline ensures to provide tailored support, and all necessary tools to participants and alumni to find the ideal job in the very specific field of Sport. Moreover, through her extensive network, Céline regularly has access to job offers before they are published on various platforms.

Celine Beaurain Leadership and Career Development Manager
Céline Beaurain, AISTS Professional Career Coach

Muhammad Ali used to say that “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” Let’s join forces to reveal your strengths to recruiters and get you as close as possible to your dream job.

Career Outcomes and Alumni Success

As mentioned, the MAS curriculum includes work experience. These work placement opportunities can – and sometimes do – translate to full-time positions after graduation. Not less than 90% of the AISTS MAS in Sport Management and Technology alumni are working in the Sport industry across over 30 different countries on all continents.

AISTS alumni are employed at a variety of companies, including but not limited to:
Adidas, AISTS, ASOIF, CAS, European Athletics, European Club Association (ECA), FEI, FIA, FIBA, FIFA, FIH, FIM, World Aquatics, FIS, FISU, IOC, International Testing Agency, OMEGA, Paris 2024, PUMA SE, SportAccord Convention, SportWorks, TEAM Marketing, UCI, UEFA, United Soccer League, WADA Europe, WBSC, World Archery, World Rowing.

You can find alumni testimonials showcasing their experiences here.

AISTS facilitates networking opportunities with over 700 alumni pursuing a career in Sport Management.
During their visit to UEFA, MAS participants had the opportunity to connect with UEFA members

Experience the world of sport in the Olympic Capital

Participants attend several full-day workshops throughout the programme to experience sport. These sessions are delivered by the sport organisations and federations themselves and provide a unique hands-on experience and well as an ideal opportunity to connect to our alumni and experts working in the industry.