AISTS’s Managing Sport Sustainability, 2022 edition

Sustainability. A keyword nowadays in all business plans across the globe. A concept central to all development strategies, in the world of sport and outside. But what does it really mean? How broad can sustainability be? What does it include? How can we be sure that it is not just a great label stuck on empty promises? And what about “greenwashing”, which is sadly more and more common?

Next month, from April 6th till 9th, AISTS is set to host its annual Managing Sport Sustainability (MSS) module. The module, which is open to anyone wishing to participate, is set to broaden the understanding of how to foster the implementation of a sustainability strategy for sport managers within their organisations. It is also aimed at answering all the questions you may have on the subject by offering direct access to key people working daily on the subject within major actors of the sports industry, such as the IOC, FIFA, Sport and Sustainability International and The Good Match.

Held over three days, the module will kick off with a broad view of corporate sustainability, then look into its management within various sports organisations and will finish by the measuring and reporting of sustainability performances.

Course leader

The Managing Sport Sustainability 2022 course leader is Giovanni-Battista Derchi, Assistant Professor of Management Control at EHL. His definition of sustainability taking the perspective of sport organisations is the following: “sustainability refers to the entire set of strategic choices, investment decisions, activities, organisational processes, and outcomes that an organisation performs to meet the multiple and often conflicting interests of their actual and future stakeholders and therefore foster sustainable development.” Quite a lot of aspects to tackle, indeed!

Guest speakers

On top of the core program, four exciting guest speakers from the sports industry will join the class to present their work around sustainability, as well as the challenges they have faced and are still facing.

AISTS is pleased to welcome Marie Sallois-Dembreville, Director of Corporate and Sustainable Development at the IOC. The IOC is based in the Olympic House, one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, is only a few steps from the Synathlon building where the MSS module will be held. During the Olympic Games in Beijing, the organisation made sustainability a priority. Marie Sallois-Dembreville stated, “we want to use the visibility of sport and the Olympic Games to showcase and promote innovative and sustainable solutions.”  You can find out more about the IOC and their sustainability agenda, including their annual sustainability report.

IOC Sustainability Report 2021

José Retana, Sustainability Senior Manager for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will also be addressing the MSS attendees in Lausanne.

FIFA’s commitment to environmental sustainability for the 2022 World Cup was put on display during the Arab World Cup just a few months ago in December 2021. Social sustainability will also be part of the 2022 World Cup. FIFA has launched a Human Rights Grievance Mechanism, a website for people to report human rights complaints leading up to and during the tournament.

FIFA World Cup Sustainability Strategy for Qatar 2022

In addition, AISTS is also excited to welcome Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Chairman and Founding Director at Sport and Sustainability International and the current NBA GreenSustainability Advisor. Sport and Sustainability International is an NGO. Located in more than 50 countries, the organisation works to help sport federations, leagues, sports teams, and venues to create sustainable and healthy communities. Hershkowitz has a long career in sustainability and was named one of the “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business” in 2015 by Sports Business Journal.

And last but not least, AISTS is very happy to welcome back a 2017 graduate of the AISTS MAS program, Mia Salvemini,  Co-Founder and Communications Director at The Good Match. The Good Match brings together actors and sponsors of the sporting world with one common goal: sustainability.

If you want to learn more about sustainability and how to make changes for your own future and the future of your organisation, you can register here. Quick reminder: the session, held from 6th April through 8th April, is open to external participants and will be at the Le Synathlon building in Lausanne, Switzerland. Special pricing for alumni and those working at the Sports IFs, NFs, NOCs is available. Find more information about the course.

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