Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Managing Sport Sustainability

MSS(Managing Sport Sustainability)

6 – 8 April 2022 (3days)
The next edition is scheduled for the week commencing the 3rd of April 2023.

This seminar is designed for managers of sport organisations and business leaders seeking to broaden their understanding of how to foster the implementation of a sustainability strategy within their organisation. The seminar provides also good and novel perspectives about sustainable business to policy makers seeking a comprehensive knowledge of how sport organisations may become more sustainable.

Classroom activities are chosen and organised to ensure that participants experience the most impactful learning with a truly international and diverse group. Participants in the seminar become a valuable and trusted resource that reinforces the learning journey both during and beyond the classroom experience. The classroom experience is enriched further thanks to the active participation of the AISTS MAS students in Sport Administration and Technology.

Le Synathlon, Switzerland
6 – 8 April 2022
Course fee*
CHF 1,500
CHF 750
Certificate of Completion

*AISTS family members -AISTS Alumni, IFs, NFs & NOC will benefit from a 20% discount by sending us your information at to receive the promo code.

The seminar aims to motivate participants to share in class their opinions and constructively discuss the use of sustainability measurement and reporting in international sport organisations. After completing this seminar, participants have a more comprehensive knowledge of sustainability management practices and are encouraged to promote an effective use of social and environmental information within sport organisations.

Course Leader

Giovanni-Battista DERCHI,
Assistant Professor of Management Control at EHL Group

Guest Speakers

Marie Sallois-Dembreville
Director Corporate & Sustainable development at International Olympic Committee – IOC

José Retana
Sustainability Senior Manager at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC

Dr. Allen Hershkowitz
Chairman & Founding Director at Sport and Sustainability International

Mia Salvemini
Co-Founder | Communications Director at The Good Match

Why should I attend?

You will have access to a comprehensive and critical review of organisations interpretation of social responsibility and sustainability issues and the need to manage social and environmental performances. 

You will develop a sound understanding and appreciation of the techniques used to map and identify relevant sustainability issues as well as of the risks and opportunities for both corporations and sport organisations associated with the use of social & environmental information in decision-making.

You will obtain knowledge about the different managerial practices designed by companies and sport organisations to integrate sustainability aspects in organisational processes and foster sustainability strategy execution.

You will discover the growing interests of market participants, as well as policy makers in sustainability management and focus on the need as well as the consequences of accurate sustainability performance measurement and informative reporting systems.

Key learning and objectives

  • To understand the concept of sustainability for corporations and sport organisations.
  • To understand the organisations need for sustainable management practices.
  • To learn about the managerial complexity associated with integrating sustainability aspects in decision-making.
  • To learn about the organisational processes and the management practices to implement a sustainability strategy effectively.
  • To understand the importance and characteristics of accurate measuring and transparent reporting of organisational sustainability performances.
  • To learn about the state-of-the-art of sustainability reporting systems in international sport federations.

The next edition is scheduled for the week commencing the 3rd of April 2023.

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