Discover the world of sport management through the AISTS Sport Medicine podcast, featuring interviews with leading experts, professionals and academics.

Sport medicine is one of the scientific disciplines of the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies programme and is led by Dr Boris Gojanovic. It brings participants up to speed with the current challenges in maintaining a healthy and performing human athletic body. 

This months podcast, presented by MAS 2017 participants Mak Doric and Samiha Dabholkar, investigate the effects of strength training with children. Most parents who have a gifted son or daughter worry about this topic however the latest research says that the risk of injury related to strength training is the same as in any other type of physical activity – as long as the child is properly supervised with regards to technique and equipment use. In fact, studies have also shown that preventive strength training can reduce the risk of ACL injuries or those of other muscles overused in football.  Find out more and get the correct information about all those myths with this latest AISTS Sport Medicine podcast here.   

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