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MAS2021 | Ep05 | Kaushik Turlapaty

I have been an avid follower of sports all my life. Growing up in India, Sachin Tendulkar meant everything to me. I was inspired by how one man could shoulder the dreams of 1.3 Billion people for 24 years, and deliver consistently, game after game. Irrespective of the social and political equations in the country, the entire nation came together and cheered for the flag when he was at the crease. He was like the glue that kept our country together.  

Sachin is now widely acclaimed as the ‘God of Cricket’ and holds umpteen number of cricketing records. He had a very big impact on my life and taught me two main things that I still believe to this day. The first thing is that even though one person may not change  society, he can still create a whole lot of change. The other thing is that through discipline, anything is possible. 

By playing Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar brought us together, without himself ever even realizing it. Sports has the power to unite people irrespective of their race, religion, caste and gender. It has the power to tell impactful stories, bring real change in the society. 

Through my education at AISTS, I want to bring Sports and Technology together to solve some tough challenges being faced by various stakeholders across the sports industry. Even though we are still in the first half of the academic journey, I can say with much conviction that the knowledge and experience I am gaining will definitely help me achieve my goal. I have wonderful classmates who come from diverse cultures and nationalities, and I will always be thankful to AISTS for providing me this opportunity.

* Coordination by Aditya and photography by Gabor, MAS2021.

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