Visit to Inspire Insititute of Sport

Feb 10, 2023 - 12h 00m
private, in-person

AISTS INDIA is JSW Sports’s exclusive sports education partner, and this collaboration gives participants a chance to visit IIS. The Inspire Institute of Sport is a cutting-edge environment founded to craft champions in India with an eye on success at the Olympic Games. Located in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, the IIS has been stitched together with state-of-the-art facilities and sports science, and has some of the finest coaching minds from across the world to guide our athletes towards the Indian Olympic dream.

IIS provides AISTS INDIA access to their senior management across teams as well as internships and full time placement opportunities.

The participants of AISTS INDIA will have the privilege of spending a week at one of India’s premium high performance facilities, The Inspire Institute of Sport.

Inspire Institute of Sport

Additionally, some industry sessions will be delivered by Mr. Rushdee Warley, CEO, Mr. Tathagata Mukherjee, COO, John Warburton, Head of Youth Boxing & Dr. Samuel A. Pullinger, PhD, CSci, Head of Sport Science. This will give the cohort in-depth understanding of operations and processes behind the scenes of nurturing athletes. The participants of the programme will observe up close how high-performance athletes trained for the state, national and international competitions. They will also get an opportunity to spend time with the Data Analysts, Team Managers and players of various teams & sports housed at IIS to understand the preparation for on and off-field performance.