The International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS INDIA) is a preeminent advanced sports education institution. Since 2015, it has been ranked as the #1 programme in sports management in the world by Eduniversal, global ranking and rating agency, widely recognized as the most prestigious in higher education.

AISTS INDIA has been founded by some of the most admired names across sport, science and technology, management studies, hospitality, and higher education.

AISTS INDIA has been conceived with the vision of using sports education as a metaphor for learning and development to build world-class sports administration and business leaders.


To prepare the next generation of world class sports leaders through 360 degrees understanding of athletes, high performance & the management of sport. 

Embark on a journey with us as we witness the transformation of India, a nation with one of the youngest populations and the world’s largest student community. Historically, sporting excellence has been sporadic, and the perception of sports as a viable career option has been limited. However, change is sweeping across the nation, fuelled by a newfound awareness of fitness, the unifying power of sports, and a government committed to propelling India into the realm of sporting superpowers.

While the government plays a pivotal role in this transformation, we recognise that the responsibility cannot rest solely on its shoulders. A collaborative effort involving the private sector and various stakeholders is crucial to fostering physical literacy and nurturing a robust sports culture. In India, sports education should not only be seen as a pathway to glory but also as an integral part of the public healthcare policy, addressing the global epidemic of sedentary lifestyle-related ailments. The nation must move not only towards sporting greatness but also to ensure public health and wellness.

Parents, too, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Indian sports. They need to be educated and encouraged to guide their children toward sports, presenting it as a credible career option. However, in this era where science and technology influence sports significantly, passion alone cannot sustain a career. Intellectualisation and the acquisition of tangible skills are essential to navigate the increasing complexity of the sporting world, and ensuring successful and gratifying careers.

The ultimate success of this transformative journey lies in the hands of leaders of Indian sport. They must be professionally qualified to shape mindsets, build infrastructure, and formulate policies dedicated to an unwavering commitment to sustained sporting excellence.

Inspired by this vision, AISTS India was established. Our mission is to cultivate an ever-growing and dynamic cadre of sports leaders and entrepreneurs. We aim not only to achieve podium finishes but also to instil a genuine and enduring love for sports among the people of this great nation.

Join us at AISTS India, where we are shaping a future where sporting excellence is not just a goal but a way of life.