Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Sport Management & Technology

The Postgraduate Programme in Sports Management (PGP) is a 12-month programme meticulously curated to equip you with essential skills like innovation, digital literacy, leadership, cognitive flexibility and more – all of which are key to thriving in tomorrow’s professional landscape.

Whether you’re eyeing a career in sports, related industries or looking at a career as an entrepreneur, our PGP has you covered. Modules covering Sports Management, Technology, Sociology, Law, and Medicine will help you broaden your skills no matter where your passion takes you.

From broad modules to specific courses and detailed sessions, the PGP in Sports Management has been designed to ensure coherence, consistency, and connections throughout your learning journey.

The syllabus provides the Participant a clear understanding of:

  • The horizontal structure of the Programme over time 
  • The vertical structure of the Programme, from Modules to courses and ultimately session level 
  • The coherence, consistency and connections across Modules and courses 
  • The relevance of lectures from the perspective of future sports managers

Short Programmes 

The AISTS INDIA Short Programmes allows individuals from the working world to join the AISTS INDIA Post Graduate Certificate Programme participants and gain all of the benefits of a focused topic and in a condensed time frame.

Our certificate courses integrate theories into practical applications (e.g. case studies, presentations and discussions) enabling a rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

Participants of the AISTS INDIA short courses are professional, part-time or volunteer managers of international sports organisations, organisers of events or people from outside the sport industry wanting to get a holistic understanding of specific sport related topics. 

AISTS INDIA offers short  programmes throughout the academic year which include:

The AISTS INDIA short courses are available online through the LMS.  

Please email for more information on these programmes.