Siegerehrung Medaillenzeremonie Lea Sprunger (Sui)  Europameisterin / Championne d'Europe  400 m Huerden / haies  European Athletics Championships am 11.08.18 im Olympiastadion in Berlin (Deutschland).  European Athletics Championships on 11.08.18 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany.  Photo Credit: Ulf Schiller / ATHLETIX.CH
Léa Sprunger received Gold Medal at European Championships in 2018

Swiss Track and Field Athlete, Léa Sprunger, Awarded AISTS Swiss Olympic Scholarship

We are excited to announce the first recipient of the Swiss Olympic Scholarship – Track and Field Athlete, Léa Sprunger, OLY. Léa has enrolled on the AISTS Sport Administration and Technology programme for 15 months in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“AISTS was always in my mind. With my career, I learned a lot and developed many skills. But I wanted to add some academic knowledge to this and open my horizon to Sport. So when I heard about the Scholarship, it was obvious that I would apply.”

Léa took a while to know her passion for working in the Sport Industry after her athlete career, but she realised that she was in love with Sport in general and all the emotions coming with it. Her next goal is to give her learnings from Sport back to the next generation, so she decided to enroll at the AISTS for her subsequent career development.

Her first Olympics were in London in 2012, and she started to win medals in 2016 with the bronze at the European Championships. She was the first Swiss woman to win Gold at the same event, and her best world ranking was 4th in 2019. Watch Léa win the Women’s 400m Hurdles at the 2018 Berlin European Championships.

We asked her a couple of questions about her athlete career and her journey to the AISTS.

Lea Sprunger, Swiss Track and Field athlete standing in front of the Le Synahtlon, AISTS building. Wearing yellow dotted shirt and black jeans.

Tell us about your experience at the Olympic Games and what it meant to you?

The Olympics are the dream of every athlete. I was lucky to participate three times, out of which I shared this experience twice with my sister, Ellen Sprunger. Having this chance is really special because all the emotions we live can be shared within the family. I love the Olympics because of the connection between all the sports and the magic around this event.

What are you most looking forward to at the AISTS program?

I am really looking forward to all the knowledge I will receive in class. But also the opportunity that is given to growing my network. Even though time management is quite challenging after my athlete career, the culture within the class is also extraordinary and unique, which keeps me excited every day.

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