Sustainability and Legacy Commission Projects

Areas of specialisations are :

  • Event Sustainability and Legacy
  • Sustainability Analysis and Reporting
  • Sports Events Legacy Capture

Events Sustainability and Legacy

The AISTS has been working with various international federations, organising committees and cities to help them reduce their impacts on society during events.  Working with the best experts in sustainability from our partner organisations and international sports community, AISTS is able to offer the latest solutions to events organisers, sport federations or any other stakeholders of events and clients.

The AISTS has been producing various sustainability publications, case studies and reports for a diverse number of sports organisations that include both international federations and cities. We are able to provide applied research into current sustainable practices and trends, evaluations, implementation planning, quick start guides, integration and legacy recommendations. The areas of specialisations are (Sport Events Sustainability Analysis and Reporting & Sport Events Legacy Capture).

We have worked closely with the following organisations:

  • Sion 2026 Winter Olympic Games project
  • International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF)
  • International Sambo Federation (FIAS)
  • International Canoe Federation (ICF)
  • City of Richmond

Sport Events Sustainability Analysis and Reporting

At the AISTS we are continually gathering the best experts in sustainability from our partner organisations and international sports community to be able to offer the latest solutions to our clients. Our focus is sport and events for a sustainable future and our ultimate goal is to help the Olympic Movement to continue to lower its footprint while developing positive impacts through behaviour change.

We work closely with the EPFL (Ecole Politechnique Federale de Lausanne), the architecture and sustainability departments of the University of Lausanne, Quantis, the International Olympic Committee and several International Federations to help provide our clients with the most sustainable solutions for their stakeholders.

We offer tailored research on individual client sustainability practices, case studies collections and publications on sustainability initiatives from International Federations and National Olympic Committees, sustainability management and action plans, and our annual Sustainable Sport and Events Open Module. 

Sports Events Legacy Capture

As part of its research and development capacities, the AISTS conducts indepth studies into the legacy of mega sporting events. These studies serve a double purpose: To analyse and follow up on mega sporting events contribution to cities in the long term and to provide a fact-driven hub addressing all aspects pertaining to legacies around sporting events.

One such mandate is the Olympic Games Legacy Capture on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The research screens a multitude of written material (academic and non-academic) and records legacies. To this end, an analytical framework has been developed covering social, cultural, economic, urban, environmental, sporting aspects and is applied to each edition of the Games.

The advantage of this study is to assemble all legacies into a one stop shop database for use by Olympic stakeholders including candidate cities for best practices garnered from previous editions. The intelligence of the research is also used as an internal and external communication means for the IOC when reporting on specific elements of Olympic legacy such as Games anniversaries.

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