Marely Flores, Class of 2008, awarded Citizen of the Year in Mexico last week

Congratulations to Marely Flores, AISTS Alumni and alumni committee member for being awarded Citizen of the Year last week in Mexico. 

Marely graduated from the AISTS MAS class of 2008 coming from a marketing and music performance background. Marely has been working with FIFA since 2016 as the Women’s Football Tournaments Manager.  She has been recognized by her home country, Mexico, for her achievements both artistic and professional. 

Over the years Marely has received twice the “Prize for Youth” awarded for both artistic and academic activities, the “Mujer Tec” prize for women nationwide for her lifetime achievements in piano performance, music/arts and sport management.  She has also been mentoring various people in Switzerland with the AISTS Alumni Mentorship Program, but also in Mexico, Japan, and the USA to help them boost their careers at an international level.  Marely is also a member of the Global Network of Mexican Talents, on which she helps Mexican women in the area of music/arts and sports management, and she gives lectures on sports management in Mexico and here in Switzerland.    

This most recent award that Marely has received is the Citizen of the Year award.  This is an award given by a nationwide foundation in Mexico called Consejo Consultivo (Consultive Council) of Grupo Salinas.    The objective of this award is to recognise people with outstanding achievements in different areas, who have demonstrated commitment and excellence and have made a contribution to the country to improve and inspire the lives of more Mexicans, internationally.

Marely was awarded Citizen of the Year in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on the 11th of March by the President of the Council, Ninfa Salinas, previously Senator of Mexico, together with the Governor of the State of San Luis Potosi, Juan Manuel Carreras Lopez. 

We would like to wish Marely a huge congratulations on receiving such a prestigious award and wish her continuing success in her work with FIFA and also her musical and artistic endeavors. We also would like to take this opportunity to thank Marely for her contribution to the AISTS through our mentorship program, lecturing on our program and being part of the Alumni Committee.  

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