A historic day for the AISTS and the Class of 2018

The AISTS shared a historic day with the Class of 2018 welcoming them to their first lecture in the new classroom of the Synathlon. 

The Synathlon, based on the University of Lausanne campus, is the new centre for international sport education and research in Switzerland. Along with the AISTS, the Synathlon hosts the headquarters of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the Institute of Sports Sciences of the University of Lausanne (ISSUL) and ThinkSport.  The central area of the Synathlon includes an auditorium of 210 places, 4 classrooms/seminar rooms and a cafeteria.

The AISTS classroom, on the first floor of the building, features state of the art technology as well as being located across the road from the University Sports Centre.  The 9 am lecture commenced with a small special ceremony with Claude Stricker, AISTS Executive Director, cutting the red ribbon over the classroom door and personally welcoming the class of 2018.  Long-standing Professor Joe Maguire, who has been lecturing in the programme since 2005, was very happy to give the first class in the Synathlon and gave the 2018 participants a quick history lesson of the MAS programme.  

Professor Joe Maguire has been lecturing since 2005 on the MAS programme

This really is a special day for the AISTS and the class of 2018 are now part of AISTS history, says Claude Stricker.

Since 2003 the MAS classroom has been located on the EPFL campus, however, with the development of the Synathlon, the classroom and the AISTS office are now located all in the same building, with AISTS located on the 4th floor.  The first brick was laid back in 2016, after more than 3 years of planning and tender procedure, and the construction was completed in December 2017.  The location of the building brings the AISTS even closer to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the Maison du Sport International, home to over 50 international sports federations and organisations. 

To find out exactly where the Synathlon is located click here

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