Diabetes and Physical Activity

Discover the world of sports management through the AISTS Sports Medicine podcast, featuring interviews with leading experts, professionals and academics.

Diabetes can occur in anyone.  In Europe, between 35-40% of people will develop diabetes over their lifetime.  Physical activity is the key to managing Type 2 diabetes .  Learn more about diabetes with Camila Cintra and Ximena Maratuech with the AISTS Sports Medicine podcast.  This podcast presents information about what diabetes is, the risk factors and complications associated with the disease and how physical activity can greatly improve those who suffer from it.  

The AISTS Sports Medicine podcast series was created by AISTS Head of Sports Medicine, Dr Boris Gojanovic (@DrSportSante) and are entirely scripted, recorded and produced by participants of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration programme.

To learn more about the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology, visit www.aists.org/MASinSportAdministration

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