Collected Insights from the Field of Sport, Volume 3 : Governance and Ethics

The newest edition of the AISTS publication under the title of "Collected Insights from the Field of Sport - Volume 3: Governance and Ethics" has now been officially published and is available for download.  

The third in the series, this book focuses on the topic of "Governance and Ethics" in sport, as a tribute to the exceptional work done by Prof. Margareta Baddeley, former professor at Geneva University School of Law and one of the pioneers of what is currently well-known as the AISTS MAS programme, in this field.  Prof. Baddeley stated that

Sport, like other activities within society, is not outside the law, but undeniably, some aspects of sports are special and the ordinary rules of law need to be interpreted in a new way in order to achieve a fair and proper application of law to sports.

Recent history has somewhat brought the image and integrity of the sport industry under scrutiny and the same has led to a flurry of academic study in the areas of governance in sport. This book collects 11 such studies ranging across multiple administrative areas of sport like - 

  • Corporate governance
  • Doping and medicine
  • Gender equality and para-sports
  • Integrity management and mediation

The idea behind each book in this series is to provoke critical thinking in particular areas of sports. With the present edition, academicians, sports administrators, sports teams, student and the public can hopefully engage in discussions surrounding governance and raise awareness, because as former US President Barack Obama famously said - "Sometimes, it's not enough to change laws. You've got to change the hearts."

The publication contains articles written by members of the AISTS Scientific Committee, including Dr Boris Gojanovic and Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet, as well as former participants of the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies of Sport Administration.

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