Class of 2019 Visit the International Basketball Federation

The Class of 2019 spent the day at the House of Basketball, FIBA headquarters, in Mies on Monday.

The visit was arranged to give the participants of the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technolgy class a taste of what FIBA does on a day to day basis.  The day commenced with a tour of the Naismith Arena, a 1000 m2 exhibition area unique to the headquarters of FIBA showcasing the past, present and future of basketball. This was then followed by various presentations from both FIBA and also AISTS alumni currently working in the House of Basketball.  

The first lecture of the day started with Benjamin Schindler, Legal Affairs Manager with FIBA, presenting the governance and strategy of the federation, bringing together the 213 national federation members.  Mota El-Bawab who is the Digital Projects Manager and also AISTS alumni presented the next session.  Mota, who has been with FIBA since 2016 and graduated from the class of 2014, presented the current digital strategy of FIBA and explained the digital landscape with a particular focus on the upcoming FIBA world championships in China and also the various social media platforms FIBA uses. 

Mota El-Bawab

Also giving a presentation was Annie O'Shea, FIBA 3x3 TV Senior Associate and another AISTS alumni.  Annie presented the FIBA 3x3 and gave the class of 2019 the success story of the FIBA 3x3 from its first official event in 2007 to now its upcoming inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  Annie, class of 2015, has a very diverse role with the 3x3 working closely with media rights and broadcasting and during events managing communications on site with various stakeholders. 

Annie O'Shea

Gil Cruz, from the Sport and Competitions department, gave a clear explanation of his role with FIBA and the new competition structure that has been in place since 2017 as well as the process and requirements that have been put in place for this new era of basketball. Gil, also an alumni graduating from the class of 2016, has been with FIBA for two years and has been closely involved with the implementation FIBA's New Competition System 2017+ for Men National Teams.  His next mission is the Women's National Teams.  

Lastly, we finished our day with Fabio Franceschi and Gustavo Arellano.  Fabio, Communications Manager of the Basketball Champions League, presented the Basketball Champions League (BCL) which is an annual professional basketball competition for European clubs, organised by FIBA.  Since starting just two years ago the BCL has risen in popularity extremely quickly, with 2.3 million visits to its website last season. Gustavo Arellano, Senior Sponsorship Account Manager at FIBA Marketing, who regularly lectures in the MAS programme on both marketing and sponsorship finished the day with Q and A session for the participants. 

2019 Participants

To date in FIBA, the AISTS has 9 alumni working both in the headquarters of basketball in Switzerland and also in China. These alumni are in various departments as mentioned above but also include operations, IT and more specifically the 2019 World Cup in China.

If you would like to know more about our programme and re-direct your careert into sports adminstration and management then please visit Our second deadline for our next edition closes on the 1st of February 2019, with classes starting in September 2019. 

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