AISTS Sports Medicine Podcast - What is the safe algorithm for decision making in RTP?

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Sports medicine is one of the scientific disciplines of the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies programme and is led by Dr Boris Gojanovic. It brings participants up to speed with the current challenges in maintaining a healthy and performing human athletic body. 

This month's AISTS Sports Medicine podcast, presented by Aditi Tyagi and Patrice Remarck, puts forward the question of "What is the safe algorithm for decision making in RTP? Return to Play refers to the point in recovery from an injury when a person is able to go back to playing sports or participate in an activity at a pre-injury level.  Patrick Remarck, AISTS MAS 2017 particpant, was the head coach for the USA Taekwondo team's and he speaks about the several clinical Algorithms to execute a Safe Return to Play.  Find out more via Soundcloud, the Apple Podcast app or click below for this month's latest AISTS Sports Medicine podcast.

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