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In this month’s AISTS Sports Medicine podcast Karen Dolphin and Siri Wallenius dive into the Zika virus debate and question whether the hype around it was warrented. Leading up to the Games there was a fear that the Olympics could cause a spread of the virus worldwide by all the participants and athletes attending the event hosted in the hot zone of the mosquito borne disease.  There were even calls for the IOC and the local organisers to move or postpone the games but researchers studying Zika and expert agencies like the World Health Organisation insisted the fears were unfounded. Still, some athletes claimed the fear of Zika to be the reason not to participate in the games. Some athletes stirred a lot of anger amongst the Brazilian hosts by tweeting out fears of the virus a few weeks before going to the Olympic Games.  Find out here what the Zika virus is and how many cases there were during the Olympics in Rio.

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Photo Credit:  CaioviaPexels