Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!



Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash

There is no doubt that the sports industry is currently in a time of deep uncertainty, particularly when it comes to the cancellation and rescheduling of major sporting events.

In response to this ever-changing situation, AISTS invites you to join us for a special open lecture on the subject of COVID-19 and Risk Management for Sport Events.

The lecture will take place online on Thursday 23rd April at 2.30pm – 4.30pm Central European Time.

The lecture will be delivered online and is FREE to any member of a sports organisation or federation, AISTS alumni, and all current AISTS participants. Spaces are limited and we advise you to book early.

What you will learn:

The lecture will be presented by Patrick Vajda, senior consultant at international insurance broker Siaci Saint Honoré, and will cover:

  • A brief recap and summary of the risks associated with the organisation of sport events
  • How to assess, monitor and mitigate risks including legal and operational, accident, catastrophe, cyber, contagious disease and epidemic, health and safety
  • The methodology to assess and monitor risks in general
  • A specific insurance program for sports events, with a focus on cancellation insurance policy
  • Today’s situation with COVID-19 and its impact on the sport industry (cancellation of events, loss of revenues etc). With examples.
  • How federations, event organisers and rights owners should/could deal with it from an insurance perspectives.
  • The future of the cancellation insurance market and recommendations for future crisis

A Q&A opportunity will also be available at the end of the lecture.

About Patrick Vajda

Patrick Vajda has been lecturing at the AISTS since 2003. He is an insurance broker who has spent more than three decades advising clients including the International Olympic Committee, 14 Olympic Games in a row, and many International Federations on the risks and insurance options for mega-sporting events. He is currently a senior consultant at international broker Siaci Saint Honoré.