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This month’s podcast looks at why many athletes take a caffeine drink or drink coffee before they start a race or before their final sprint. It is not directly to stay awake, but rather the effects they are interested in are not so different from the effects you are looking for when you drink your morning coffee.  Caffeine improves alertness, concentration, reaction time, and energy level.  Athletes that take caffeine often feel stronger and more competitive, and they feel less fatigued during and after the exercise.  Stefany Chatelain-Cardenas and Hans Jørgen Kvale give an indepth commentary on this topic, including WADA’s stand point on caffeine, and also speak to  Dr Gregory Ornon,a medicaldoctor of a professional cycling team.  Find out all the details here.  

The AISTS Sports Medicine podcast series was created by AISTS Head of Sports Medicine, Dr Boris Gojanovic (@DrSportSante) and are entirely scripted, recorded and produced by participants of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration programme.

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Photo Credit: Athena Lam