Understanding the power of technology in sport

The AISTS, a centre of excellence for education and research in sport in the Olympic Capital, and the CSEM, a leading pole in research and technology, are organising a conference on Smart Textile Opportunities for Sport on Wednesday 13 November from 6pm to 9:30pm at the Rolex Learning Centre (EPFL), in Lausanne.

The conference will tackle the latest trends in textile technology and shed light on the opportunities presented to international sport from a multiple stakeholder’s perspective. This open house will provide unique insights from experts in technology and materials themselves, as well as the perspective of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The conference is led by the AISTS and by the CSEM and contains talks by Professor Jan-Anders Manson, AISTS President and Head of the Laboratory of Composite Materials of the EPFL, by Dr Kim Blair, Founding Director of the Sports Innovation Programme at MIT and President of the International Sport Engineering Association, by Christophe Dubi, Sports Director at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Antoine Dénériaz, Olympic gold medallist in downhill skiing.