If I'm going to be sticking out, it would be for being outstanding, rather than being freakish.

John Amaechi, Former NBA Player in OUT TO WIN 

AISTS is opening up an intimate dialogue about gay and lesbian athletes with the Swiss premiere screening of the documentary, OUT TO WIN.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with panellists, Olympic decathlete, Slaven Dizdarevic, former Captain of the Women's Israeli Basketball team, Tamar Maoz, and Officer for International Development from the Gay Games Federation, Leviathen Hendricks. 

Directed by Malcolm Ingram, the documentary features interviews with eight athletes, including Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and John Amaechi. 
99 minutes / Film screened in English. Not available with french subtitles 


Cinémathèque suisse, Montbenon
Thursday 3 September 
6pm - 9pm
Free, Tickets are limited  



Slaven Dizdarevic, Olympic Decathlete

Chasing the Olympic spirit has shaped Slaven into a real cosmopolitan, having lived in seven countries and speaking four languages. Strong intrinsic motivators and a passion for sports has led him through a challenging and rewarding career as an Olympic decathlete. It is the mixture of talent and hard work that makes an individual successful, not withstanding mental power and skills which Slaven passes on as a professional coach. An AISTS graduate, Slaven is a license partner and manager of Swisscitybootcamps, organises athletic camps for kids and works as a track and field coach at the international school in Lausanne.

Tamar P.Maoz, Former Captain of the Israeli Women's Basketball team

Tamar P.Maoz had a very successful basketball career, playing professionally for clubs in Israel and for the Israel national team since 1994. She was the national team captain since 2004. During her basketball career, she gained a Bachelor in Business Administration. When she was 30 years old, Tamar suffered a serious knee injury which ended her professional sports career. She then joined Ernst& Young, the biggest accounting firm in Israel and worked as a CPA for almost four years. From 2010 to 2012, Tamar returned to basketball as a coach in the Israeli women's professional league. In 2012, she joined the Israel National Basketball Association as the operation manager of the women's department, where she managed all national teams and a major initiative to promote girls and women in basketball nationwide. Tamar is a participant of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration 2015 edition, living in Switzerland with her female partner and their 10 and 2 years old sons.

Leviathen Hendricks, Gay Games Federation

Leviathen Hendricks is on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and serves as Officer for International Development. His involvement with LGBT sport began when he founded Phoenix FC in London in 2008, where he still plays. In 2012 he worked with the FGG and other organisations on putting together Pride House at the London Olympics. This led to his joining the executive committee of the London 2018 Gay Games bid – looking after global partnerships and marketing. He then began volunteering directly for the FGG in 2013 on the Diversity and External Affairs committees, and now contributes to the Federation's communications, governance, and member services functions. Based in London for the past eight years, Leviathen is originally from New York, and has lived in Montreal and Edinburgh. He is a former Secretary and board member for the UK's Gay Football Supporters’ Network. where he successfully created official LGBT supporters groups at several English Premier League clubs. He has also sat on the national council of the (UK) Football Supporters’ Federation.

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