Innovative business ideas born on AISTS campus

The 2022-2023 edition of our flagship Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Management and Technology is well under way. Its integrated tech module Digital Technology and Innovation in Sport has recently been finalized and we are impressed by the work of our attendees on their final team project.

The Digital Technology and Innovation Project (DITP) is a team project which gives the participants the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge acquired during this module into ideating a modern technology-based business solution to a sports-related problem. Though not all generated solutions live to be implemented beyond this academic setting, this is a valuable exercise to test the students’ comprehension of the principles and technologies taught in the module.

Starting from the acquired awareness of the latest developments in digital technologies used in sport, the teams work together to explore, conceive and design new technological solutions for a chosen field of application. Their task is also to research the market specifics and identify market opportunities that would allow them to devise a sustainable business model for their new idea.

This year, five teams had the chance to pitch their ideas to Annick-Isabelle Marcoux, the Founder and Managing Partner of Langleven Group. Upon the presentations, Ms Marcoux commented:

There is no country in the world better positioned to leverage its innovative mindset. The five start-up companies I met via the AISTS program are a proof of that. I was highly impressed with the quality of business presentations and am hoping to invest in at least one of them.

Equally positive feedback was heard from the academic jury in front of which the teams presented their projects alongside a written report, composed of: Professor David Atienza (EPFL), Claude Stricker (AISTS Executive Director) and Professor Etienne Bourban (EPFL). The jury evaluated all projects as impressive and possessing strong business potential.

We’re pleased to bring you below a short overview of the five ideas presented by our participants as part of the Digital Technology and Innovation Project. Should you become interested to learn more about any of the projects, we invite you to contact us and we’ll be happy to connect you with the students responsible for their ideation.

DTIP Team Ideas

Smart Run

Smart Run combines sport apparel with a state-of-the-art app. Our smart leggings and summer outfit with 11 sensors on the foot and hips help prevent injuries by analysing your very own running patterns and providing real-time audio coaching. Our app offers analytics and helps track your progress over long-term. With a focus on symmetry of running, Smart Run is the easy and efficient way to run safely.


At Tesseract technology we’re bringing a new dimension to sport which is dedicated to empowering athletes to achieve their full potential. Our immersive 3D video analysis technology utilises AI and provides unparalleled insights into a player’s performance, taking into account their individual body dimensions and movement patterns. By analysing every aspect of their game with top-level accuracy, we can provide customised recommendations that help players improve their performance while minimising the risk of injury. With Tesseract, we’re not just improving performance – we’re creating a sustainable, long-term approach to success on the court.

QB Halo

QB Halo is a form of AI technology that uses predictive analysis to protect quarterbacks from blindside hits through a high-speed communication system linked to a haptic receiver located in the helmet. QB Halo’s goal is to shift the medical community’s thinking from detection to prevention when approaching the problem of concussion. Although QB Halo would start off by protecting most commercially valuable asset of the football game – the quarterbacks, the long-term goal is to roll out the same technology to protect other positions on the field before then being used in other sports and even other industries.

rugby players on pitch in game fighting over the ball


Too many athletes suffer from the unintended consequences of concussions and sub-concussions. ConCare is aiming to develop a solution to help athletes and clubs monitor brain health and to help them make better return-to-play decisions with confidence. We have created a wearable headband which, coupled with short, efficient and reliable side-line tests, can diagnose concussions on the pitch and provide feedback to the coach. In addition to this classic feature, our bespoke monitoring dashboards will help our stakeholders track the impacts over time. Thanks to ConCare, no athlete will ever have to worry about the risk of brain injury during the game.


The skateboard market has grown exponentially in the past years, and currently has over 85 million people skateboarding worldwide. Despite its popularity, the learning process still represents a challenge for those getting involved in the sport. SMART SKATE is a high-end integrated skateboard that teaches you how to perform tricks and gives accurate feedback through its app in order to improve the trick learning process (E-learning mode). Thanks to SMART SKATE, thousands of skateboarders will be able to connect and compete against their friends wherever and whenever they choose (Freeride game mode).

skateboarder riding the skateboard on playground with people around watching

About AISTS MAS in Sport Management and Technology:

Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Management and Technology is AISTS’ flagship 15-months Master programme designed to develop the future leaders of international sport. Endorsed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and based in the Olympic capital Lausanne, the programme offers participants full immersion in the world of sport through expert lectures in a range of relevant subjects as well as a practical Client Team Project and integrated acquisition of work experience. The faculty gathers some of the most influential professors from leading universities in Europe and beyond, and speakers from renowned world sport organisations, international federations, and major sport companies. While the principal focus of the program is on management and technology, the topics of sustainability, innovation, and effective leadership are inevitably increasingly being incorporated in all modules, as the programme aims to address all the latest development in the world of sports and business and equip participants with a comprehensive preparation for future leadership positions in the sports industry.

About AISTS short programme Digital Technology and Innovation in Sport:

Digital Technology and Innovation in Sport short programme teaches attendees how to capitalize on the latest developments and innovations in digital technologies to address current challenges and create future-proof business models in the world of sport. The program equips participants with knowledge of cutting-edge digital technologies and data sciences, including smart wearables and edge AI for IoT, machine and deep learning for events management and fan engagement, communication technologies, technology of movement analysis and objects tracking technology of materials for sports equipment, digital technologies in sport infrastructure, and the development of asynchronous courses on digital technology. The Digital Technology and Innovation Project sets the stage for experiential learning by giving the participants the task to collaboratively design new business ideas utilizing the newly acquired knowledge.

Experience the world of sport in the Olympic Capital

Participants attend several full-day workshops throughout the programme to experience sport. These sessions are delivered by the sport organisations and federations themselves and provide a unique hands-on experience and well as an ideal opportunity to connect to our alumni and experts working in the industry.