Humans of AISTS | MAS Class of 2023 | Samin Abedkhojasteh

Lausanne is my dream city. Before I got my ticket to AISTS at the age of 23 I travelled to Lausanne. I was sure that Lausanne is the place where we can live our dreams.

I have been playing badminton since I was 6 and would never have expected that this sport would change my life with such beautiful days and experiences. I grew up with sports and learned how to be strong and keep working hard until the last point of the game, and in the end who had more effort and patience will win the game.

I was a member of the Iranian national badminton team for more than a decade and won Iran’s championship in different age groups for 8 years. My best world junior ranking was 70 and I participated in many international competitions, including the World and Asia Championships. When I turned 19, to be qualified for the 2020 Olympics, I travelled to more than 15 countries for various competitions. Even though I couldn’t make it to the Olympics, every moment of this journey was full of learning and experience. Unlike many athletes, I was responsible for paying and planning for all my trainings, competitions, and travels. I tried my best to overcome the difficulty and try harder to learn and strive for my goal with all the shortcomings.

I believe that part of my life’s mission is to help the world of athletes with my extensive experience in sports and psychology to the benefit of athlete empowerment and gender equality.

If I do not achieve my dream to be an Olympian, I will try my best to help many other athletes achieve theirs.

Samin Abedkhojasteh playing badminton for Iranian national team
Samin Abedkhojasteh reaching for shuttlecock on badminton court

Put in a nutshell, developing sports in any aspects is like taking care and growing a plant, it needs attention and special care, but when it bears fruit and becomes green, it makes the world better and more beautiful. The management of all these stages of growth and development requires interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge. The world of sports is very beautiful and has a lot of potential for progress. Being eager and interested in sports is the primary need for progress. AISTS is a house where all those who are interested in sport and love to work in team progress and succeed. Together we learn how to help people thrive at each stage of their development.

Samin Abedkhojasteh
Written by
Samin Abedkhojasteh

This series is coordinated by Brontë Goodwin and Anna Serova from the MAS Class of 2023.
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