Humans of AISTS | MAS Class of 2023 | Anna Serova

Humans of AISTS, Anna Serova

I am absolutely addicted to sports events. They bring unique emotions and feelings to all parties involved: fans, athletes, organizers. Moreover, besides these thrilling vibes sport has a unique power for uniting people and bringing positive change.

That’s why I believe that once you tried sports events, you cannot stop. And my life is a good example. I started as a professional fencer at the age of 8 (because I loved movies about musketeers my parents decided that I would also love to fence with a saber) and was part of a Moscow fencing team. Then I finished sports career, went to study, got two Master’s degrees and in 2014 the destiny brought me to the FIFA World Cup TM in Brazil where I was responsible for PR and Communications of the House of Russia in Rio.

After that all my work projects were somehow related to sport. I worked at different international events: UFC Fight Nights, FIFA World CupTM in Russia, EURO-2016, Special Olympics, FIFA World CupTM Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola, etc. My professional field was in Communications and Event Management. And in my free time there was always a place for gym and jogging.

At some moment of my career, I understood that I wanted to dive deeper into sport and switch from Communications to Sport management and I needed more knowledge for that. That’s why last year I made an uneasy decision to leave my beloved job in The Coca-Cola Company (but I always stay the ambassador of the brand) and go to study in the mecca of sport, the Olympic Capital.

International environments and different cultures always fascinated me and I was happy to start a journey in a new country with people from all over the world. So here I am, Russian by nationality, studying in Lausanne in the best sports university in the world, running along the lake to prepare for the first marathon, speaking English and French and dreaming of working at major sports events, developing sustainability and making a difference through sport. Always with positive vibes and a smile.

Written by Anna Serova

This series is coordinated by Brontë Goodwin and Anna Serova from the MAS Class of 2023.
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