Humans of AISTS | MAS Class of 2023 | Andrew Hurwitz

Humans of AISTS, Andrew Hurwitz

Andres Hurwitz, playing tennis at the grass court

My decision to join AISTS was part of my overriding goal to extract more meaning from life. I had been working for the past 7 years as a corporate lawyer at the very highest level but still felt something was missing from my professional career. I played a lot of competitive tennis as a junior, I’m an avid Chelsea fan (often travelling over land and sea to watch them!) and I’ve always dreamt of working in the sports industry in some capacity.

I place a lot of emphasis on the importance of education and, before jumping into the sports industry, I wanted to boost my credibility by studying a masters in the Olympic Capital. Studying at AISTS has been great for me personally, particularly as it is so international in nature; I’ve had the chance to take advantage of my other great passion by speaking in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian (and a little Mandarin!) on a daily basis.

I’m excited to begin working in the sports field because it will provide the perfect opportunity to marry my passions for languages and sport with my professional background in corporate law. I’m grateful to AISTS for facilitating this transition and for providing me with so many wonderful classmates, who I am sure will go on to achieve great success in the sports world.

Andrew Hurwitz
Written by Andrew Hurwitz

This series is coordinated by Brontë Goodwin and Anna Serova from the MAS Class of 2023.
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