MAS2021 | Ep18 | Shreyas Bhatia

Through the tumultuous journey of life – the ups and downs, the peaks and troughs, the trials and tribulations – SPORT have been a constant companion. 

Before joining the course here in Lausanne and moving over from a different continent, I believed being ‘passionate about sport, in general, wasn’t enough. I thought maybe one needs relevant experience or at least a background in sport. How mistaken was I? So, I led myself headfirst into a journey, maybe later than I should have. But then, I could either keep wandering and worrying about supposedly wasting the next year or two, putting everything aside, putting everything on hold, or I could have a little faith in a move that could help me find a place I love, albeit IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. The timing couldn’t be worse, yes, but then only in the midst of tragedy are the triumphant – able to rise. 

Looking back, it’s funny how you can join the dots backwards and realize the value, the impact, the influence that sport has had leading up to a potentially life-changing decision. 

And so, it only seems fit – to want to give back to the sport, to want to make others realize how sport can help, often in the unlikeliest and remotest ways. For me, it’s been a coping mechanism to a platform for expression and everything else in between. 

It may seem noble – to save others. But only in saving what’s around you can you save yourself. If my saviour is ‘sport,’ then my tools, equipment, racket… is ‘AISTS’ – and I’m preparing for a full-on smash!

*Credits for the Humans of AISTS go to MAS 2021 Aditya Narayan and Gabor Zippenfenig for coordination and photography!

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