Tong Liu, Humns of AISTS Episode 07


MAS2021 | Ep07 | Tong Liu

Even today, I wonder from where and at which point in time, I started to get excited about sports and football in particular.

The answer is to be found sometime in the 1980s, when one of the few sports that most teenagers in China loved to talk about in school, was football. We were playing football after class and watched a live broadcast on TV at home. We wondered whether FOOTBALL might be the most popular sport in the world?

Those big names of football superstars in the ’80s and ’90s are undoubtedly engraved into my mind until today and influenced me in one way or another. As a teenager, while receiving my education in middle school, it is to a certain extent an educational process when it drives you to find out where on the world map these big names are coming from. Where did they grow up and what made them become professional with such a level of passion and performance!

About 9 years ago, after working several years in the information technology sector for the airline industry, I happened to take a chance to join a wholly-owned subsidiary company under CCTV within a specific business area of sports media rights. Working for such a large sports broadcaster platform (actually the largest sports broadcaster in the world in terms of the reach of an audience), I ended up realising some dreams, which I never dared to imagine before, by having a chance in working with those retired superstars as well as those still playing football at the top league. Honestly speaking, I am proud of having such a dream come true, and without a doubt, it gives me an extra push to work even harder and to gain more achievements along with my professional development.

Time is flying, I’m now in the 4th month of the 9-month MAS program at AISTS. I believe the knowledge transferred, the wonderful experience shared by the lecturers at the program will be an essential asset to me pursuing a career in the world of sports. The diversity of my classmates who come from different cultures around the globe also helps me and all amongst us to simply have a better understanding of the world. I will always be grateful to AISTS to have given me such an opportunity.

* Coordination by Aditya and photography by Gabor, MAS2021.

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