Alice Ronchetti


Softball is my first love: the color of the dirt, the sound of the ball being hit, the softness and smell of grass, they will forever be a synonym of happiness for me.

I started playing around the age of 7 and gradually became more involved with the sport, competing internationally and becoming a coach for the French national team in 2019.

As an athlete, I used to feel apprehensive about my future career, particularly for women, as it is difficult to transform the sport that you love into a full-time profession.

Alica Ronchetti at the sofball court

After a coach told me: “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail, I realized that the same concept applied to every aspect of life and that I lacked preparation for what would be my professional career. That feeling drew me to AISTS, growing my skills and equipping me for the challenges I will face in this new chapter of my life.

I completed my Marketing and Business degree from the University of Milan, which has helped me find a compromise between ideals and practical strategies in sport. I believe that I will be equipped to take on the world of sport, with passion and organizational skills post completion of my sports masters from AISTS.

Alice Ronchetti playing softball

I dream of having a job that fulfills my enthusiasm to create an impact in society and to advocate for sports values as educational and developmental means in communities.

Possibly by doing so, I will be inspiring other women to pursue a career in sport as well.

I want this industry to be more efficient and unlock its full potential by having more women on boards and at International Federations.

* Coordination by Aditya and photography by Gabor, MAS2021.

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