As part of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration programme, participants work closely with a client from the sport industry on a real-life project over six months, providing participants with valuable exposure to the current priorities, opportunities and challenges of the sport industry while equally providing sports organisations with an invaluable resource for research, ideas and solutions.

With the class of 2017 presenting their Client Team Projects last week to the industry, we caught up with a few participants and asked them about their experience working on their project. 

“Working on the Communications and Public Relations Strategy for the European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) was an excellent opportunity to witness first-hand on what it takes to develop and maintain an effective strategy. To develop the strategy, our team had three main objectives; increase ticket sales, improve the brand and image of EPCR and lastly, to increase social media content, engagement and reach on different digital platforms. All the objectives revolved around the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of the competition, which were held in a variety of stadiums and countries depending on the stages of the competition. One of the greatest learning takeaways from this project was to understand the multitude of layers and dynamics that need to be covered in order to assemble a sustainable and efficient strategy as there are many stakeholders involved who have crucial roles for the success of a new communications and PR strategy.”

Tim Cetinich
Client – European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR)

“While working on the project, India Beyond Cricket, I realised how lucky we were in terms of doing an academic project of this nature. The project was about finding levers for sports other than Cricket in the Indian market and to explore the possible ways of engaging the masses with the Olympic movement. Being an Indian and a journalist, I always thought I knew everything about my country (which was never true as India with the population of 1.33 billion is demographically really diverse). The project not only tested what I knew but also gave me an opportunity to discover more about India. While working in team of people with 4 different nationalities, the project helped me to learn about system in other countries and the team dynamics brought great insights into the international market. Despite being academic in nature, everything about the project was professional and could also be seen as a dress rehearsal before entering the real world. The client was very much involved on regular basis and open to fresh ideas and suggestions. I can proudly say that those 7 months with the client were of great learning and I can look back with full satisfaction”.

Aditi Tyagi
Client – International Olympic Committee (IOC)

“The goal of our project was to provide practical business ideas around digital media, currently the area with the highest demand for professionals in sports organisations. I learned a great deal from our clients about their experience working with international federations and from the cultural and professional backgrounds of my team mates. When a team from AISTS and an organisation with an open mind like Lagardère Sports work in sync, quality work with real market applications can be produced in months”.   

Eduardo Cerdan
Client – Lagardère Sports

The topics for this year’s presentations also included measuring market potential, framing development standards, retention of youth in organised and competitive sport and developing a sponsorship portfolio.   All presentations will be available on our YouTube channel shortly.  For more information on the AISTS Client Team Projects and how your organisation can work with AISTS MAS in Sport Administration participants on a project, contact Head of Projects, Geert Hendriks, at geert.hendriks@aists.org