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Why is the AISTS MAS in Sport Management unique compared to other programmes?

1. Location

  • Lausanne, the Olympic Capital which is home to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) as well as around 50 international sports governing bodies
  • Switzerland, synonymous with excellence and quality

2. Olympic Movement

  • The IOC is a founding member of the AISTS
  • IOC Speakers contribute significantly to the AISTS MAS in Sport Management Programme
  • The International Sport Federations play a key role in the AISTS MAS in Sport Management programme

3. Extensive Network

  • 10 years of existence
  • Over 100 lecturers and expert speakers
  • Strong relationships with key sport actors
  • 500+ graduates dispersed in the sports industry

4. Multi-Disciplinary Approach (360 degree approach)

  • Five disciplines
  • Trans-disciplinary (modules like film-making or event organisation and management)
  • Extended learning (real-world understanding, practical not just theoretical)