What is the strongest criteria you look for in candidates?

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration Scientific Committee, who is in charge of the selection process, looks at a combination of factors with equal measure: professional experience, education, motivation, background in sport, age (e.g. not too young), nationality (to ensure a reasonable mix of nationalities in the class), level of English (fluency necessary), etc.

In addition, the beauty of the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration programme is that our participants reflect a wide variety of professional backgrounds, nationalities, sports, ambitions, and skills, meaning that no particular skill-set or work experience is required in order to apply for the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration programme, apart from the basic application requirements (see below).

  • Participants must possess a university degree
  • Participants must be planning to pursue a career in the sports world
  • Participants must be fluent in English as all lectures are given in English
  • Participants should have some years of work experience
  • Participants must complete the online application form and attach all requested documentation

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