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AISTS, the world’s preeminent advanced sports education institute, proudly opens its doors in INDIA which is home to the largest student population in the world, as also some of the brightest and most industrious.

AISTS INDIA has been conceived with the vision of using sports education as a metaphor for learning and development to mould world-class sports administrators and business leaders. The curriculum for both the Post Graduate Programme (12 months) and Executive Education (45 days) has been meticulously curated to build skills viz innovation, digital literacy, cognitive flexibility, leadership, EQ etc which are essential for employability and professional success in the world of tomorrow. These skills find equal application across sport, business & entrepreneurship and are nurtured through course content that spans management, law, sociology, technology, medicine and other transdisciplinary studies. Both these programmes are sharply focused on building skill based excellence because enlightened & new-age employers value that above all else.

Both the Post Graduate Programme and the Executive Education shall be delivered by the world class faculty of AISTS directly and be available both offline and online. For students choosing the offline option, the campus of AISTS INDIA is housed in an iconic building in the heart of Mumbai. Besides international quality infrastructure, the campus also has socially distanced classrooms, a swimming pool and a top quality gymnasium. Given AISTS’ affiliation with IOC, International Federations and the network and connectivity of AISTS INDIA, the programme content is varied and rich, enabling us to deliver courses that are deeply experiential and the quality of guest speakers absolutely top notch.

The Post Graduate Programme students of AISTS INDIA shall have the option to complete the last part of the final semester of the course at AISTS in Lausanne (costs not covered in the fee) 

It is our strong belief that AISTS INDIA shall further modernise and strengthen higher education in INDIA and also build a robust sports culture which shall help the country excel in international competitions. Winning is a mindset, and it will be our endeavour to fortify our students with intellectual skills, mental resilience and high governance to give them the best possible opportunity to excel in their chosen fields.

We are greatly excited at the prospect of commencing our journey in this young, vibrant, dynamic nation and eagerly look forward to commencing our first academic session on 1st March 2021.

We are available on InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn and shall be delighted to answer questions or provide further information.

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