What is the investment required to enrol in this program & ROI in terms of time?

The return on investment in terms of time is completely dependent on the person and the background that person has. The ROI can be immediate, like it can be a few years long. The investment to take part in the program, is financial (tuition fees and living costs), but also a personal investment, as participants […]

Who should write my recommendation letters? How many are required?

You must submit at least 2 recommendation letters with your application for the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration & Technology. These letters should be addressed to the AISTS and can be included in the general application, or sent directly to our offices. Letters can be written by a previous employer or a professor and should […]

Do upcoming Olympic Games draw a number of applicants greater than average?

Given that a good number of international competitions take place every year (Summer & Winter Olympics, Summer & Winter Youth Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Football World Cups, World Championships organised by all international federation, etc.) there is a constant interest from sport enthusiasts in taking part in the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration & Technology with […]

How do I apply?

To apply, please fill out the online application form under the How to Apply section of the website. Applications must include: one passport-size picture; a copy of your passport; a motivation letter; a Curriculum Vitae – Résumé; two letters of recommendation (in English); certified (signed and stamped by the University) copies of your University degree […]

Where are AISTS participants registered?

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration & Technology participants are registered as EPFL students as classes take place on the UNIL and EPFL campus, although the course is organised and coordinated by the AISTS, and the diploma is co-signed by 3 of the founding members: EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), University of Lausanne […]

Will successful completion of the AISTS program prepare me for entry into a PhD?

No, the AISTS MAS in Sport Administration & Technology does not prepare you for a PhD. Our graduates who have successfully completed PhDs either have already possessed the necessary academic background or followed additional university courses to be admitted into a PhD program. Most PhD programs have specific requirements depending upon the degree and line […]

How many credits, via the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) does the AISTS program correspond with?

The AISTS MAS in Sport Administration & Technology has 90 ECTS credits and are broken down per discipline as follows : Law: 10 ECTS Sociology: 8 ECTS Technology: 8 ECTS Medicine: 8 ECTS Management: 16 ECTS Trans-disciplinary courses: 12 ECTS Team Project, Research Paper, Work Experience: 28 ECTS