Research & Case Studies

The following research papers and case studies produced by AISTS MAS in Sport Administration participants focus specifically on topics surrounding sports sustainability.

A number of papers and case studies are available for research and commercial purposes.  If you are interested in finding out more about a paper or case study, please contact Head of Projects, Geert Hendriks at


  • Sustainability in Equestrian Sports
  • What is the Legacy of the Facilities Built for the Olympic Winter Games (1994-2010) and How are they Managed? 
  • A sociological examination of Youth Educational Programmes in Sport Organisations. Which approaches are being used and where might they be able to improve?
  • Analyzing the Web Communication on Sustainability of the Golf Clubs of São Paulo, Brazil. 
  • The development through sports following the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa: A critical analysis of the investment in sports related development programmes. 
  • Basic Indicators for Better Governance in International Sport: A Comparative Analysis of International Table Tennis Federation and European Table Tennis Union. 
  • European Women´s Table Tennis Development Strategy. 
  • Social and Economic Impact of Sports Tourism on the Host Community: A case of Commonwealth Games New Delhi. 
  • Sports Apparel Marketing and the natural fit with Physical Activity CSR Initiatives. 
  • Creating a Link Between Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Objectives: Measuring the ROI of Community Programmes in NHL Organisations.
  • Introducing Environmental Initiatives in Sponsorship Strategy: Future Perspectives for International Federations. 
  • The Implementation of the Environmental Pillar of Social Responsibility in the Strategic Management in International Federations Case Study: International Cycling Union (UCI).
  • Rio 2016 golf course construction - a case study on the environmental, social and economic sustainability.


  • Partnerships in Development Through Sport, a theoretical framework. 
  • Developing an action plan for the implementation of second party certification for ISO 20121 (sustainability in event management)
  • Sustainability in Procurement - Rio 2016 - Transfering Knowledge from VANOC 2010 and LOCOG 2012.


  • Sustainability in the South African Sports Industry: A Strategic Sustainability Plan for Alexandra United Football Club.
  • Integrating Sustainability into Athletissima 2010.
  • Value Generation for a UIAA Sustainable Recognition System.


  • Construction for the Olympic Games: “How to Minimize the Environmental Impacts of the Olympic Games by Building Green Venues”. 
  • Performance and Sustainability Rating System for Ice Hockey Arenas. 
  • The Green Puck - A Sustainable Toolkit For The IIHF World Championships.
  • Develop a Sustainable Event Plan for the Tour de Romandie UCI Pro Tour.


  • Partnerships in Sustainable Social Olympic Legacies: Olympic Legacy Knowledge Transfer through the use of Social Network Analysis. 
  • reCycling: The UCI Environmental Guidebook for the Organisation of Greener Cycling Events. 
  • The IOC Olympic Games Management Process: Efficiency of the Sustainable Development Approach.


  • Adaptation of AISTS SportEco to an International Sports Federation: A Case Study on Environmental Sustainability of UIAA Youth Camps. 


  • Economic Impact Study for the 2006 IPC Cycling World Championships. 
  • The UIAA Environment Label: A Review and Recommendations for Further Development. 

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