2014 Team Projects

Client: International Equestrian Federation


Project: Dual career programme FEI – Development of a Database with Educational Institutions

As part of its dual career programme, the FEI is looking to support its riders with information about available educational institutions. A database with information will be developed and made available online to allow horse riders find an educational institution that meets their requirements.

Client: International Motorcycling Federation 


Project: Content development /strategy implementation for the FIM Academy

The FIM Academy Vision 2020 has been developed but requires further development including greater input from more stakeholders. This project aims to develop the Academy further by identifying new oppotunities, clearly defining realistic operational goals and developing a clear implementation plan. 

Client: International Ski Federation


Project: Market research of the major stakeholders of FIS Freestyle Skiing and FIS Snowboard events 

To guide the strategic direction of the development of a new product/event or the redesign of the FIS World Cup, the International Ski Federation is seeking to conduct primary research on their identified stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, TV broadcasters, National Associations, potential sponsors and current event organisers.

Client: International Volleyball Federation 


Project: Increased fan engagement through 2nd screen applications

To optimise online fan engagement, this project aims to map the existing FIVB Digital Space and the use of 2nd screen, researching the entertainment industry on best practices for fan engagement initiatives through 2nd screen solutions and providing recommendations for improving fan engagement through the use of 2nd screen applications.   

Client: International Olympic Committee


Project: Sport Presentation and Activation Inside and Outside venues

This project challenges the team to develop presentation material for the IOC Sports Department to provide the OCOGs of PyeongChang 2018 and Tokyo 2020 with assistance on Sports Presentation and Sports Activation during the Olympic Games. Precise recommendations include areas not already considered by the IOC in terms of objectives Sport Presentation should deliver on, how to enhance the presentation of sports in venues, to educate, entertain and engage spectators and how to increase the presentation and activation of sports outside of venues, to increase sports education, participation and tangible experiences.

Client: Gestion Sportive Leysin 


Project: Market Research into MSV’s newly identified target markets

With the new cantonal House of Sport opening in 2015, this project aims to conduct indepth primary research on the identified MSV target markets to better understand their needs, motivation, and objectives, and toconsequently enable GSL to better align its services and communication strategy to their potential clients.

Client: SportAccord 


Project: Mapping of sport betting markets

In 2012, SportAccord developed a Global Programme to fight sports betting related match-fixing. One main finding from the development of this programme is that international sports organisations have little knowledge of the business of sports betting and of the way and scope it applies to their disciplines and competitions. This Project focuses on relations between sports organisations and betting operators, with the key deliverable of mapping the betting market by sport discipline. 

Client: UEFA 


Project: Best practices, and new trends in Accreditation (outside UEFA and/or sport)

Since UEFA Euro 2004, there has been no major advancement in the UEFA Accreditation System. This project aims to define key satisfaction criteria for UEFA in accreditation, identify best practices and propose new trends (technology, material, processes, etc.) in accreditation and provide an indication of the key implications for a front-end system for the registration of accreditations and a work-friendly back-office platform.

Client: World Taekwondo Federation 


Project: Universality versus Performance of National Member Associations 

This project aims to define WTF's proposed criteria to be used in ranking its Member Associations. The end goal of the project includes identifying a way forward for the implementation of the proposed ranking system with an indepth evaluation of the alternative solutions. 

Client: World Taekwondo Federation 


Project: WTF License Club Module App

The WTF Licence Club Module offers Taekwondo professors the ability to record assistance, finance and messaging to students as part of the Global Membership System. This Project intends to define, explore and outline possible alternative business models to improve the practical, day to day use of the WTF Licence System with an online Application. The aim is to outline alternative business models, which are based on national and/or global Sponsorship and which include an outline of the design of an App, what it would include in detail and its reach, at different stages. Alternative Business models will be presented, the recommended business model will be explained in detail. 

Client: International Modern Pentathlon Union


Project: Development of an Outreach Strategy Plan for the positioning and popularity of Modern Pentathlon in line with the UIPM Sport for All vision.

This Team Project aims to contribute to the development of the UIPM Sport Development Outreach Programme, through focusing on the expansion and stronger presence of Modern Pentathlon and attracting new partners/sponsors for the Outreach Programme.

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