2010 Team Projects

Client: Athletissima

Project: Integrating Sustainability into Athletissima 2010

As a leader among sporting events in Switzerland and also on the global Athletics stage, Athletissima aims to keep in line with the global trend of becoming more responsible and aware regarding sustainability issues, and intends on implementing a sustainable development strategy for the 35th edition of the event. The objectives of this project were to assess Athletissima using the Sustainable Sport and Event Toolkit (SSET) guide as the basis for evaluation, to create and implement initiatives at the event, and finally to provide an implementation plan for the future editions. 

Client: International Table Tennis Federation

Project: Positioning of Table Tennis at the Olympic Games

The objective of this project was to analyse and assess the position of Table Tennis at the Olympic Games by extracting and formulating comparable data from the 2009 Olympic Programme Commission ‘Report on the 26 Core Sports for the Games of the XXXI Olympiad’. This information was to be cross-analysed with the 2005 ITTF report ‘Positioning of Table Tennis in the Olympic Games’. The data and findings were to be published in such a way as to allow for the identification of strengths and weaknesses and patterns of evolution that could assist the ITTF in their goal of ensuring the position of Table Tennis in all future summer Olympic Games.

Client: European Athletics

Project: Investigate & Implement New Technology for a Virtual Conference

European Athletics wants to increase the involvement of athletics participants in Europe which concerns over 25000 clubs in Europe. Amongst other projects, they will organize a congress concerning the European club system. This project analyses the feasibility and recommends the implementation of modern IT solutions to help in the organization of the conference. These solutions include online large scale questionnaires and participation prior to the conference, online broadcasting and participation during the conference, and post-conference online publishing. 

Client: Tour de Romandie

Project: Raise the profile of TdR in non-French Speaking Areas of Switzerland

The Tour de Romandie (TdR) is one of the biggest sporting events in the Romandie. Despite its international recognition and media coverage, TdR nevertheless faces a lack of awareness in the German and Italian parts of Switzerland in terms of interest of spectators, sponsors and media from these two regions. The objective of the project was to understand why the TdR lacks awareness in non-French speaking Switzerland, focusing specifically on the Swiss German part and to make recommendations on how to raise the profile of the TdR concerning spectators, media and sponsors.

Client: International Olympic Committee

Project: Develope a strategic plan for the Sport for All IOC Congress in a Global World

The World Sport for All Congress is organized by the IOC every 2 years and unites participants from across the world to discuss the development and promotion of sport for all. The objective of the project was to develop a plan for the strategic repositioning and improvement of the Congress to consolidate it as a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange between stakeholders.

Client: AISTS

Project: Strategic Development and Fund Raising Concept for the AISTS Sport Management Seminar for Women

The Sport Management Seminar for Women was started to increase the number of women in leadership and decision-making positions in sport through helping them develop professional skills. Between 2004 and 2008, over 200 women from National Olympic Committees and Federations representing over
100 nations have attended. The goal of this project was to perform a strategic analysis of the seminar and to evaluate its impact on the career development of the female participants. The work further involved proposing a new format and content of the seminar and to produce a strategic development and fund raising concept for the 2011 seminar.

Client: AISTS

Project: Feasibility Study and Business Plan for a Clean Energy Bicycle Generator for Sports Events

Energy is a precious resource that is hard to come by in a sustainable way and something sports events as well as the general public, have taken for granted. Although becoming more aware, most are not aware of the implications in terms of opportunity, cost, types, and availability of options to spare energy. This project will investigate the feasibility of developing a system to showcase the value of energy by demonstrating how much effort it takes for human cyclists to power a generator to provide enough heat for a Swiss Raclette and providing this at public events.

Client: International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation

Project: Value Generation for a UIAA Sustainable Recognition System

The UIAA or “International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation” seeks to promote the advancement and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide and to advance safe and ethical mountain practices whilst promoting responsible access and environmental protection. The aim of this project is to help the UIAA develop a sustainable recognition system that will engage mountain tour operators and mountain recreation organizations to act in a more sustainable manner thus reducing their environmental impact whilst simultaneously creating a forum for the exchange of best practices and generating an additional revenue stream for the governing body to fund its day-to-day activities.

Client: International Olympic Committee

Project: The Observatory of Olympic Sports

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