2007 Team Projects

Client: Gymnaestrada Lausanne 2011

Project: Develop the Strategic Plan for Gymnaestrada 2011

Client: Tour de Romandie

Project: Analyze the Impact and the Value of the Side Events of the Tour de Romandie and Develop a Concept for the Edition 2008

Client: Beach Volley Open Gstaad

Project: Environmental Sustainability Analysis and Implementation/Marketing Plan

Client: Polygiro

Project: Adaptation of the General Concept, Realization of the Roadbook, Sponsoring Management and Event Promotion

Client: Gradient Oy

Project: Invent a New Sport Device / Feature / Piece of equipment

Client: Athletissima

Project: Development of a New Sponsor Village Concept and Implementation of Side Events to Attract a Younger Public

Client: Genève-Servette Hockey Club

Project: Examine the Viability & Create a Strategic Plan for a New Hockey Stadium in Geneva for GSCH

Client: International Federation of Basque Pelota

Project: Propose Measures for the Development of Pelote Basque Internationally with a Specific Implementation Plan for a Facility in Lausanne

Client: Grand Chelem Management SA

Project: Develop and Implement a Marketing Strategy to Increase Spectator Participation at the Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad 2007

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