2004 Team Projects

Client: Acceltec Sport Testing Technology

Project: Market Study and Recommendations for Myotest II

Client: Lausanne Triathlon

Project: Triathlon European Championships: Lausanne Triathlon Marketing Plan

Client: Swiss Olympic

Project: Swiss Olympic: Controlling the Management Process of Large Sports Events

Client: Shockfish SA

Project: ShockFish: Les Services Wi-Fi pour Spectateurs d'Événements Sportifs

Client: Melbourne 2005 20th Deaflympic Games

Project: Methods to Improve Client: Awareness of the Summer and Winter Deaflympics

Client: Prosonis

Project:Prosonis: TV Rights Selling and Merchandizing "a DVD Project in the French Football Market"

Client: CEV Satellite Beach Volley Lausanne

Project: International Beach Volley Tournament: Sponsorship Solicitation for the Client: 2004 International Beach Volley Tournament of Lausanne

Client: Swiss Olympic

Project: Swiss Olympic:An Examination of Active Sport People in Switzerland

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