Am I too young to apply?

The average age of our participants is between 27-30 years old, but that does not mean that most participants are of that age. We have no real limits with regard to the age of the candidates, and each application is reviewed in a case-by-case manner.

The main issue with being of a young age (20-22 years old) is that it tends to be tied to the fact that you have little professional experience.

However, we have made exceptions in the past and accepted younger participants into the programme. Essentially it is about balancing all the requirements. We may find that your application has strengths elsewhere, in which case your age will no longer be seen as a disadvantage.

The AISTS MAS in Sport Management Scientific Committee, who is in charge of the selection process, looks at a combination of factors with equal measure: professional experience, education, motivation, background in sport, age (e.g. not too young), nationality (to ensure a reasonable mix of nationalities in the class), level of English (fluency necessary), etc.