Alumni Event: Breakfast Session with Google's UX Lead

"Being Part of Something Bigger Than Us

A Special Breakfast with Google’s Peter Jin Hong

Ever wonder what makes us tick, what inspires and motivates us... to laugh, cheer, learn, and band together to accomplish great things? So does Peter. And he's spent over 20+ years in Innovation, Design and Strategy to better understand what influences human behaviour, and is now using that experience to inspire and empower generosity in the world.

For those who want to make a meaningful impact and be part of something bigger than us, Peter will share some insights from work and life, relative to neuroscience, behavioural economics, generosity and stumbling towards happiness. 

Maison du Sport International 

Thursday 18 February, 8am – 9am 

Free (coffee and croissants, too)

"The world's always been an incredible teacher, and I'm always in search of the next lesson, preferably accompanied by friends and great meals, of course;)  I've sky dived from rickety planes over mottled blue oceans and free-dived deep beneath them to hitch a ride with whale sharks; sexed geese and electrocuted fish—in the name of science, of course; shared stories on dusty roads in the heart of Africa... and learned from every one of these experiences to unlock relevant human insights, that I'm fortunate to use both for work and life."



Peter Jin Hong

Peter Jin Hong, has been a biologist, UX technologist and humanist for the past 20+ years in the design industry. Insights into human behaviour and humanity has allowed him to be an innovation catalyst. Both, as an award-winning Creative Director and pioneer of User Experience innovation/strategy business units at Hattery Labs, Blast Radius, and Tribal DDB... and for the past 8 years, helping lead the UX innovation for various areas at Google—Search, Gmail (mobile), Google+ Photos, and now for Google's Social Good team. His greatest adventure and accomplishment, however, has been finding the love of his life, and recently becoming a father to an enigmatic baby girl. The profound lessons continue.

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