AISTS puts integration, digital and passion at the heart of updated MAS course

The International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS) is ensuring the next generation of sports leaders are equipped for the 2020s and beyond after revamping its core Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) course.

The Lausanne-based academy has undertaken a comprehensive review of its MAS in Sport Management and Technology degree over the last two years so that the course – widely considered to be the industry’s benchmark – continues to develop graduates with the necessary skillsets.

The revamped course, which will begin in September, will bring new learning opportunities whilst retaining core aspects of the previous MAS. For instance, AISTS has enhanced its syllabus with a new focus on digital at its core, while also expanding real-world problem-solving projects and exercises brought in by external sports businesses and organisations. Lastly, the career coaching and support service, highly valued by the participants, is maintained throughout the whole programme, and beyond.

Cedric Vanden Bogaerde (VdB) has played a key role in the course revamp, having returned to AISTS – where he studied more than a decade ago – from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2021.

“We have conducted an in-depth review of the course, with one focus in mind: what do successful sport managers need to master now and in 5-10 years from now,” VdB said.


Experience the world of sport in the Olympic Capital

Participants attend several full-day workshops throughout the programme to experience sport. These sessions are delivered by the sport organisations and federations themselves and provide a unique hands-on experience and well as an ideal opportunity to connect to our alumni and experts working in the industry.