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We at AISTS appreciate the trust placed in us by our clients when undertaking such high-level team research projects. We welcome topics that add value not just to the education of our participants but projects that deliver a greater value to society, the environment we live in and the sports world”. – says Nalain Naidoo Head of Business Development

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AISTS participants have consistently delivered value through over 13 Client mandated Team Projects focusing on Sustainability in the world of sport.

Some of the recent topics mandated to AISTS range from the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, focusing on “Engaging the Supply Chain to effectively meet Formula E’s common Sustainability Goals”

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship (FE) is the world’s first all-electric single seater racing series. They are fighting climate change, by offering a solution to air quality in city centres. With delivering an electrifying spectle in multiple continents, they reach a broad audience in an innovative way and inspire generations to adopt electric vehicles. The focus of this project is to look and identify key actions to be taken by FE to make sure its sustainable commitments, which are known, applied and championed by its supply chain. “The objective was to develop a strategic supply chain engagement plan to effectively meet FE’s common sustainability goals, so that all the local suppliers (LS) (relevant to event industry) can identify themselves and respect the sustainable development policy of FE.”  – says Julia Palle – Sustainability Director at Formula E

Other Team project topics covered range from “Sustainability in Equestrian Sports” mandated by the FEI- International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

The AISTS consulting team worked together with the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) in 2013 to initiate a plan to create an event sustainability strategy. The concept of developing a policy, procedures and a strategic implementation plan was to spearhead an initiative throughout the equestrian world that would help and motivate event organisers to become environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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The role of the consulting team was to research and speak to experts in the field of event sustainability and to define the major areas that required attention. Once the initial research was completed the team, including the FEI Executive Director, decided to create a working document towards the eventual formation of the FEI Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers, as a starting point for the FEI strategy and that could assist the associated stakeholders to implement sustainable strategies.

IOC, International Olympic Committee, being a founding partner of AISTS places sustainability at the highest level on its agenda. AISTS was mandated by the RIO 2016 OCOG to research “Sustainability in procurement ” 

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Sustainability and Legacy Stories booklet is a selection of stories illustrating good practices undertaken during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by National Federations, hospitality houses and partner organizations. 

Please contact to download the digital version of the booklet.

If you have a specific need, a research project or consulting need with limited in-house resources, connect with our Client Services team to discuss how AISTS can support you. 

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