Client: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Analysis of the IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission: Current resources for entourage members and developing recommendations to enhance the support for Entourage 

The central idea of the brief is to review the existing engagement the IOC has with the athletes’ entourage and identify opportunities for improvements to the ways in which the IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission (AEC) can better assist entourage members in supporting their athlete, as well as raising awareness about the important role of the entourage.

Client: World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)
Developing an effective and long-term (2020-2024) Information and Education Anti-Doping Program (IEAP)

The WDSF is currently implementing a long-term strategy to inform and educate the stakeholders involved in the practice of DanceSport disciplines at all levels on anti-doping/clean sport. This initiative takes place in a context, where for the first time in history, a DanceSport discipline (Breaking) is provisionally included in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In this regard, the project looks to help develop an effective and long-term Information and Education Anti-Doping Program (IEAP) for DanceSport. 

Client: Lausanne2020
Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Impact & Legacy 

Stadium development is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders. Clubs view stadia as an essential element for revenue growth and economic sustainability. Many state and local officials see the construction or renovation of a stadium as an opportunity to revive the city, to drive economic development, and to improve social well-being. However, evidence to support the effectiveness of stadia varies considerably. This project will investigate the multifaceted effects of stadia and will provide empirical evidence of the socioeconomic and political impacts of stadia on cities and communities around Europe.

Client: FIFA
An analysis of the current situation of football coaching for women 

Football governing bodies have put in place different strategies to not only increase the number of female coaches entering the game but also expand the amount of opportunities at the highest level of the sport. With that said, there is a lack of literature in this field and research is needed to better understand the global situation of female coaches in football at all levels. The project looks at understanding the current situation of women in coaching positions in football at both club and national team levels and analyses programmes or frameworks run by different sporting bodies (clubs, leagues, federations and confederations) that enable more women in coaching positions within the game.

Client: International Federation for Sports Officials (IFSO)
An Inquiry into the selection criteria of Sports Officials by  International Sports Federations

Esports has grown significantly in the past 10 years and is on its way to shape the future of sports in the coming years. The International Esports Federation (IESF) based in Busan, South Korea are undertaking conscientious efforts to accentuate the legitimacy of Esports within the ambit of the definition of ‘Sport’ and fortify its legitimacy as an International Sports Federation. The project team shall analyse & conduct comparative studies of International Federations (IF’s), the existing structure of National Esports IESF member associations and based on such analysis provide the IESF recommendations to strengthen the governance of Esports and also to identify the most effective areas where both the IESF (Esports) and other IF’s (Traditional Sports) can potentially collaborate to create mutually beneficial synergies.

Client: Forward Event
The World Fit Games – A Strategic Concept Proposal 

A lot of new multi sports events are being created around the globe, but not all are successfully being expanded globally. This project investigates the feasibility of a mass participation sports such as fitness competition, in particular a need for the World Fit Games, and its place in this landscape and which new markets would be best suited to hosting such events in the future. The team will create a pitch package to present the event to host cities, sport governing bodies and potential sponsors. 

Client: International Testing Agency (ITA)
Engaging the Supply Chain to effectively meet Formula E’s common Sustainability Goals

With education a rapidly growing area of importance and interest for the ITA’s clients and many other sport system stakeholders, this project will create an education plan that focuses on doping prevention and empowerment of clean athletes. The primary goal is to create a core plan proposal that can be later customised based on stakeholder priorities and available resources.

Client: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Pilot approach for the measurement of human legacies of the Winter Youth Olympic Games: Lausanne 2020  

Human legacies such as youth empowerment and development of skills and talents are at the heart of the Winter YOG Lausanne 2020. Nevertheless, there is limited research on how these legacies should be defined, monitored and measured. This pilot research aims to evaluate the most effective approach to effectively follow up such legacies over time.

Client: World Athletics
A Re-conceptualisation of World Athletics Event Delivery Guidelines

This project presents a draft World Athletics event manual which amends the best practices for each event delivery functional area in hosting a World Athletics Series (WAS) event. These amendments allow organising committees (OCs) to better evaluate the processes involved and manage WAS Events functional areas across the bidding, planning, operation and delivery phases. The main objective of the project was to make World Athletics and the respective OCs more closely aligned in order to make WAS Event delivery more effective, efficient and sustainable in the long run.

Client: Populous
Social media and the business of global live events: How are organisers and attendees using Social Media in relation to live events and how do they interact with each other? 

Populous engaged the AISTS team to consider the rise of global live events (social, economic), and the main trends behind it. The project looks at the hypothesis that this has coincided and is tied to the rise and growth of digital and social media. The team will undertake a series of case studies to investigate this hypothesis. 



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