Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!

Consistently Ranked The World’s #1 Master In Sport Management Programme. Learn more about the MAS Programme!



Client: The World Air Sports Federation (FAI)
Project: Intercultural Education for FAI World Air Games Dubai 2015

In preparation for the FAI World Air Games 2015 in Dubai, the FAI has commenced the training of their staff, which in addition to cultural-specific training will include more sport-specific aspects. This project will support the development of the sport-specific training content, which will be aimed at heads of delegation, judges and other FAI officials and will also be shared widely with all participating athletes prior to the Games. Watch here.

Client: International Ski Federation (FIS)
Project: Creating a FIS World Cup Organiser Digital Manual 

The International Ski Federation is responsible for overseeing the organisation of a multitude of international events each year, including World Cup events. To better support World Cup event organisers and to ensure the consistency in the planning of World Cup events, a user-friendly digital manual will be conceptualised and developed by the AISTS team. Watch here.

Client: International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)
Project: Shaping FIVB’s survey process

In the spirit of innovation and of continuously enhancing their services, the FIVB sees it as important to create and implement a survey process to gather data from their members that leads to strategic decisions and benefit the future of the sport worldwide. This project aims to provide insight into international best-practice surveying models, including technology, scope and methodologies, as well as to provide strategic insights aimed at enhancing FIVB’s projects, operations and member service. Watch here.

Client: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Project: Mapping of Best Practice in Athlete Support

With the Olympic Agenda 2020 placing a strong emphasis on the importance of athletes, the objective of this project is to map existing athlete support programmes that are delivered by public and private organisations and to identify best practice activities, products, and services learned through research and case studies that can be shared with the global IOC Athlete Career Programme and that will strengthen the value of the IOC ACP to this stakeholder group. Watch here.

Client: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Project: OCOGs Structural Design & Evolution over the life span of an Olympic project

The IOC is considering a more detailed guidance around Organisation design for current and future OCOGs than has been offered in recent Games to attempt to promote even greater organisational efficiency and embedded integration into the Olympic project. This project involves analysing existing technical manuals, comparing previous and current Games organisational design, as well as interviewing people’s management leadership. It aims at highlighting/concluding trends and challenges that can be used to inform the IOC future support and guidance to OCOGs in the future. Watch here.

Client: Confidential
Project: Development of a high-level concept for an online encyclopedia of sport 

An International Sport Organisation is evaluating the feasibility and relevance of launching an open online encyclopedia of sport to provide a rich source of information for fans and stakeholders around the world. The aim of this project to develop a high-level concept for the encyclopedia, taking into consideration innovative technical solutions as well as the principles of crowdsourcing for feeding the content.

Client: International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Project: Youth investment by international sports organisations

With a growing focus on youth sport, the IOC is keen on gaining an overview picture of the investment into youth sport among international sports organisations. This project aims to better understand the current best practices in youth-related investments made by international sports organisations and to determine whether and to what extent the Youth Olympic Games have played a catalyst role among sports organisations to replicate events, programmes and activities initially designed for these Games. Watch here.

Client: Open Sports Management
Project: Sharing the Stories of Extreme Sailing: Development of a Communications Concept

OSM is developing and implementing a new marketing and commercial strategy – capitalising on the strength of its IMOCA class programme – to help ensure its future commercial success. The challenge OSM is facing is how to document and share the unique experience of the sailors, their boats and the competition so as to capture, engage and retain followers during the three months of the event and between each event. This project will support OSM in providing recommendations to engage fans and stakeholders with stories pre and post-event. Watch here.

Client: SenseCore
Project: Improve the Kinetics Data the SenseCore Sensors Measure

Currently, the kinetics data from SenseCore’s system are calculated in a unique manner, without the use of any foot pods. In order to further improve and validate the used algorithms, especially for stop and go sports, this project has been devised to improve the algorithms’ accuracy even when the speed differentiates significantly from the calibration speed, as well as to be able to give the user valid data for sports.

Client: International Tennis Federation (ITF)
Project: Making tennis a leisure & lifestyle choice to engage teenagers in the sport for life

The ITF plans to develop a series of programmes – or alternatively, embrace, develop and adapt existing initiatives – to provide member National Associations with a tool for engaging and retaining their teenage audience more effectively within their national tennis development programmes. This project will include a study of influences and attitudes towards teenager’s lifestyles and physical activity, an evaluation of existing initiatives and recommendations on tennis initiatives for teenagers. Watch here.